2019 Suzuki Katana deposits

Suzuki announces Australian Katana price

Suzuki Australia has announced that the reincarnated Katana will arrive in September at $18,990 ride away. That’s more than $1000 more than the similar retro-inspired Kawasaki Z900RS. It’s a hefty price to pay for a bike that looks very little like its predecessor, but is packed with modern tech. The Katana price includes 12 months registration …

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2019 Katana desposits

Suzuki unveils 2019 Katana 1000

Suzuki has unveiled its 2019 Katana sports bike as company President Toshihiro Suzuki remised they would unveil 10 new “large” bike models in 2020/21. “There is much more to come from Suzuki,” he said at the Intermot motorcycle show in Cologne. 2019 Katana The 2019 Katana has several styling cues from the old Katana including …

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Suzuki Katana

Video shows new Suzuki Katana

The Suzuki Katana for the millennial age will be unveiled on Tuesday at the Intermot show in Cologne on Tuesday (2 October 2018) and has teased with this latest video. Styling changes We are not sure what diehard fans of the venerable Katana will think as there are only a few styling details that are similar. …

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Suzuki Katana logo

Suzuki registers Katana name and logo

Suzuki has registered the Katana name and logo in the USA in its latest hint that it is bringing back the 1980s model. Late last year Suzuki registered the name, trademarked the Samurai sword symbol and unveiled the Katana 3.0 concept by Italian designer Rodolfo Frascoli. It’s actually the third time Suzuki has re-registered the Katana …

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Suzuki Katana 3.0 concept

Suzuki considers bringing back Katana

Suzuki looks set to return the venerable Katana model to its brand after registering the name, trademarking the Samurai sword symbol and unveiling a Katana concept. The Katana 3.0 concept is the work of Italian designer Rodolfo Frascoli. Rodolfo designed the Moto Guzzi Griso, Norge, Breva and Stelvio, and Triumph Speed Triple and Tiger 1050. …

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Honda Light Weight Super Sports conceptHonda Light Weight Super Sports concept

Honda and Suzuki preview show concepts

Hybrid motorcycles, smaller capacity engines and possibly turbocharging could be the future as Japanese manufacturers reveal their concepts for the Tokyo Motor Show from October 30. While Honda has filed patents for a two-stroke engine, it looks like they are either going hybrid or sticking with four-stroke for now with the unveiling of three motorcycle concepts …

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Suzuki Recursion - Katana turbo blown

Suzuki to revive turbos and Katana?

Rumours of a Suzuki turbo bike, possibly called a Katana, have revved up after the Japanese company recently filed more patents for a turbo engine. Suzuki unveiled its turbo-charged 588cc parallel twin “Recursion” concept sportsbike at the Tokyo show in October. The company then registered the Katana name and trademark Samurai sword. And now they …

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