Jay Leno features Aussie ‘Ducati’

West Australian motorcycle company Vee Two features its Ritorno Ducati replica motorcycle in the latest edition of Jay Leno’s Garage. Vee Two specialises in bevel-drive engines and motorcycles and is the largest manufacturing supplier for Ducati bevel parts world wide. They also build the Ritorno bevel-gear Ducati replica engine to put into an historic bike frame or …

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Jay Leno

Jay Leno gives motorcycles air time

Former long-time Tonight show host and “petrol-head” Jay Leno has returned to TV with his Jay Leno’s Garage show, featuring many motorcycles. The Television Hall of Famer hosted his last episode of The Tonight Show on February 6, 2014, and since then he has been airing Jay Leno’s Garage as a YouTube feature and on …

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Allen Smith in the Australian Motorcycle Museum with his Munch and NR750 vintage

Chance to own rare museum bikes

A rare two-wheel-drive motorcycle is one of several rare motorcycles being sold after the Australian Motorcycle Musuem at Haigslea closed about three months ago. Owner Allen Smith says he wants to enjoy his retirement and found the museum tied him down. However, he will continue tho operate his import business, but do the buying himself …

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Beond V-Rod

Radical Harley V-Rod is a movie star

  If you think this bike looks like a Transformer, you’re right. But you may have seen it instead on the silver screen in Fast and Furious 4. SEE ALL THE PHOTOS HERE Owner Steve Leach of Brisbane says the bike, which he calls Beond, was considered for the second Transformers movie and artist drawings …

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