Covec Bull-It Tactical hoodie

Bull-It Tactical Hoodie jacket tested

The hoodie is becoming a big fashion trend among urban riders so now award-winning UK protective clothing company, Covec Limited has introduced a Tactical Hoodie to their Bull-It range. It’s a comfortable and versatile jacket with some interesting features and suitable protection for the urban environment. Bull-It Tactical Hoodie comes in black in sizes S to …

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Ulka Gear GHakkit Forever handy jacket

Ulka Gear jacket becomes handy backpack

Carrying your helmet around with you can be a pain, but the Ulka Gear motorcycle jacket transforms into a handy backpack that also holds your lid, gloves, goggles and more! These Indian-made jackets come in a Hakkit Forever touring and Hakkit V2 city version, both suitable for the hot Indian climate. Prices are quoted in …

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MotoCAP ratings for more than 200 items

Australia’s internationally awarded MotoCAP safety and thermal comfort ratings system for motorcycle clothing has added 15 jackets to its list of more than 200 tested items. The safety intitiative, launched in September 2018, is the first of its type in the world. It has now rated 202 items of clothing, including  105 jackets, 50 pairs of …

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Motorcycle dealership sale accessories jeans helmets jackets clothing standard warranty

Warranty issues on motorcycle clothing

If you’ve ever had motorcycle gear fail through wear and tear or a crash, it could be covered by the Australian Trades Practices Act and/or the manufacturer’s warranty. But first, click here to see the difference between a product failure and rider error. Consumer protection If it’s a genuine product failure, then it is deemed …

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Motorcycle riding gear failures gloves

Motorcycle riding gear failures

Your motorcycle jackets, pants, gloves and boots that are supposed to protect you in a crash, can sometimes experience failures of the most basic test of simple wear and tear. However, it is important to differentiate a product failure from a rider error. Product failures We recently bought a pair of motorcycle gloves (pictured above) …

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Motocap Motorcycle clothing rating system launched testing

Multiple material layers are safer for riders

Riding gear with multiple layers usually rates higher for abrasion safety than comparative gear, according to the MotoCAP safety and thermal comfort ratings system for motorcycle jackets, pants and gloves. For example, leather alone provides about four seconds of protection before failure, but backing the leather with foam, 3D mesh or a leather patch can improve resistance …

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Harley Street 500

What is the best wet weather riding gear?

What is the best motorcycle gear for riding in wet weather? Unfortunately, there is no simple answer. It depends on the weather, how far you are riding, where you are going, the type of bike you are riding etc. Click here to read about Murphy’s Law of riding in the rain for a laugh. Wet weather …

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Biker motorcycle jacket

Biker Jacket the only one you’ll ever need?

An American motorcycle clothing company is about to launch the Biker Jacket that they claim is the only motorcycle jacket you will ever need. The Biker Jacket, from Rybak Riding Gear & Apparel in Brooklyn, incorporates innovations such as fingerless gloves and magnetic drawstrings plus converts to a vest. The company has almost doubled its $US10,000 …

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Spidi MotoCAP comfort

MotoCAP adds 15 safety and comfort ratings

The internationally awarded MotoCAP safety and thermal comfort ratings system for motorcycle clothing has added 15 more items to its list of tested gear. The Australian safety intitiative, launched in September last year, is the first of its type in the world. It has now rated 186 items of clothing, including 50 pairs of pants, 90 …

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Alpinestars airbag vest fits any jacket

Alpinestars has joined Dainese and Furygan in making an airbag vest that fits underneath any jacket. Airbags were first included with a leather jacket or suit usually for racing where it is now mandatory in some categories. They were followed by airbag vests that could be worn over the top of a jacket, or vests …

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