Motorcycle Club Computer game

Top 5 Motorcycle Computer Games

(Contributed post on computer games) If you haven’t been able to go for a ride for some time because of the current lockdown, you may consider motorcycle video games as a substitute. It might not get you outdoors but they can help you to relax and have fun. In the presence of thousands of good …

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Virus meme panic coronavirus threat

Coronavirus panic hits motorcycling

As panic buying sets in over the coronavirus, bans are placed on large gatherings and Italy goes into lockdown, motorcycling looks set to be one of the victims. MotoGP and World Superbikes are scrambling to reschedule their calendar, factories are scaling down and accessories such as helmets may soon become short in supply. (THIS ARTICLE …

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MotoGP 2020 travel bans

Virus travel bans hit motorsports

Travel bans are set to throw international motorsport such as MotoGP, World Superbkes and the Isle of Man TT into disarray this year. In a rapidly changing world of travel bans, the first round of the MotoGP at Losail, Qatar, this weekend was cancelled yesterday (2 March 2020). Then Thailand announced it had postponed the …

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Mike Hailwood Eric Bana

Eric Bana stars as Mike ‘The Bike’ Hailwood

Aussie movie star, passionate motorcycle rider and motoring fan Eric Bana will play Mike “The Bike” Hailwood in a movie based on the legendary racer’s life. Bana will also write and direct the film about the legendary racer who retired from racing bikes in 1967 after 12 Isle of Man TT victories and returned to …

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Guy Martin Wall of Death speed recordGuy Martin Wall of Death speed record

Former racer Guy Martin’s licence a fake?

Former Isle of Man TT racer, motorcycle daredevil and TV presenter Guy Martin has pleaded not guilty to having a fake driving licence. What! The man who broke the speed record for riding an Indian Scout (above) around the Wall of Death and crashed while attempting to break the 400mph speed barrier in a Triumph streamliner doesn’t have …

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Norton Atlas Ranger Nomad wait owner

Long wait for new Norton Atlas models

Customers who have put in orders for the two new hand-built Norton Atlas 650cc models are set for a long wait for delivery. The Atlas Nomad cafe racer and Ranger scrambler will not hit the assembly line until early Northern Hemisphere summer 2019. And even then they will only be built for the UK market, says Norton International Dealer Manager Lee …

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Norton Superlight

Norton adds Superlight 650 racer

Just a week after Norton launched the 650cc Atlas Nomad cafe racer and Ranger scrambler, they have added the Superlight road-legal racer. While the Nomad will sell for £9995 (about $A17,700, $US12,750) and the Ranger for £11,995 ($A21,250, $US15,300), the Norton Superlight will sell for about £19,950 ($A35,350, $US25,500). That’s a lot for a 650cc bike, but …

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Mugen isle of Man TT Zero tt electric motorcycle record fast

How fast are electric motorcycles?

This week an electric motorcycle tore around the 60.72km (37.73 mile) Isle of Man TT circuit in 18:34.956mins for an average speed of 196.056km/h (121.824mph) which is pretty fast. However, Team Mugen’s (pictured above) Zero TT electric class record is still a long way from the fastest motorcycles on the circuit. The current outright record …

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Isle of Man TT game

Aussies design bikes for Isle of Man TT game

The latest Isle of Man TT video game “Ride on the Edge” features motorcycles rendered by Brisbane computer graphics production studio Virtual Mechanix. Managing director and former rider Andrew Porter says they began working on the 3D model bikes for the developer Kylotonn about 18 months ago. Check out their results in these video trailers …

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