BMW phone cradle app

Will phones replace bike instruments?

Smart phones are adding functionality to riding, replacing GPS units and even motorcycle instruments with their own accurate accelerometers and other useful apps. Now BMW Motorrad has designed a handlebar cradle suitable for phones up to 15cm that swivels for horizontal or upright format. It will arrive in Australia this month (July 2016) at $300.  The …

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gizmos Zeiss Exolens iPhone 6 lenses

Watch, lenses, bike tracker gizmos

Most motorcycle riders love their gizmos, so today we present three more that we think will interest you: a watch, lenses for your iPhone 6 camera and a GPS bike tracker to prevent theft.  TRACKER Unfortunately, bike theft is rampant, but you can help locate a stolen bike with a GPS tracker. MBW reader Gene Ramos …

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Belt buckle charges phone while riding

Charging your phone while out riding has usually meant plugging it into a 12V outlet on your bike or carrying one of those bulky portable chargers in your jacket pocket or tank bag. The Xoo Phone-Charging Belt makes it convenient to keep your phone charged up while on your body. A small charger cable runs from …

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Aprilia joins forces with Skully

Aprilia goes hi-tech with HUD

Aprilia has just made a couple of hi-tech leaps into the future where the bike talks to your helmet and phone. The Italian motorcycle company has announced a collaboration with American helmet company Skully who are releasing the world’s first commercially available helmet with head-up display and has developed Aprilia Multimedia Platform (aMP) which connects …

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MotoPlug motorcycle accessory

How to power/charge motorcycle accessories

Charging and powering all those electrical motorcycle accessories you carry with you on your travels can be a nightmare. There’s your phone, camera, Bluetooth headset, GPS, CB, heated vest … the list goes on. Thankfully, this compact little device is now making my travelling life a little simpler. It’s a MotoPlug dual-port USB adapter that …

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TopoCharger GPS

Is this the end of motorcycle GPS?

I haven’t switched on my GPS in ages and may never again, after TopoCharger launches in March. TopoCharger is a lightweight iPhone protective case that includes a 1460mAh lithium polymer battery that doubles battery life, but more importantly includes topographical maps. At the moment TopoCharger ($US149) only has maps for the USA. Cory Lowe from …

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12 days of Harley Christmas: 8 Harley gloves

If you think eight pairs of Harley gloves is too much to ask for underneath your Christmas tree, you haven’t done much riding. You could always do with more riding gloves. Just read my reasoning in my story on this very subject here. So, to continue our 12 Days of Christmas countdown, we have eight …

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Ride the night away moon

Top 10 motorcycle songs

What are the best motorcycle songs? Listen to Keef’s chord changes at the start of “Brown Sugar”. Go on, do it now. It sounds like he’s starting up a motorcycle engine and then changing up the gears doesn’t it? It always gets me doing the same thing whenever I hear it. And that’s what makes …

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App finds motorcycle parking

An app that helps you find motorcycle parking has now been extended to Android phones. The MCNetwork directory of parking by Get Twisted has had more than 10,000 downloads. They is also have an app that includes a directory of dealers, workshops, accessories, training, insurance, tours and most things to do with motorcycles and scooters. …

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