2 stroke CITS engine events fail flywheel investor

Aussie 2-stroke engine attracts investor

An Australian-designed clean two-stroke motorcycle engine could soon become a reality after attracting the interest of a Melbourne-based investor group. Sydney-Based inventor Basil van Rooyen says his Crankcase Independent Two-Stroke (CITS) engine meets tough emissions requirements as it eliminates total-loss lubrication. Investor interest “I have some investor interest which is at their lawyers now for an …

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Triumph castrater groin

Jazzy Protector to save rider’s groin

Have you ever hit a big bump that hammers your groin on to the fuel tank, sending tears streaming down your face? Old Triumph motorcycles used to have a luggage rack on the tank (pictured above) that many called “the castrater” for obvious reasons! Thankfully modern bikes don’t have such dangerous tank attachments, but they …

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Joystick bike

Joysticks to replace handlebars?

A Swiss inventor has produced the world’s first electric bicycle with a joystick replacing the handlebars and he believes it could be used on motorcycles and scooters. Yvan Forclaz built the Joystick Bike to create a more fun and engaging form of cycling. “The joystick steering the sensation is unique, extraordinary,” he says. We’re not …

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