BMW digital connectivity navigation bluetooth GPS phone

BMW updates digital motorcycling devices

BMW Motorrad has released its latest range of digital technology for connected riding featuring naturally spoken directions, cable-free charging and integrated intercoms. Navigation The new BMW Motorrad Navigator VI costs $A1290 and includes Australia and New Zealand lifetime mapping updates. It has some interesting features such as Natural Guidance which announces navigation directions spoken as …

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MotoChat message warning sms

MotoChat allows rider to message traffic

Imagine being able to send a written message to traffic thanking them for leaving a gap, warning them of emergency braking or abusing them for cutting you off! A simple wave or finger gesture has always been enough for me, but some may like more precise communication. Now French company Omicron has launched a crowd-funding program …

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America's newest motorcycle company, Vanguard, has teamed up with fellow American Bluetooth company FUSAR and Isle of Man helmet company Veldt to offer an exclusive helmet. sound

5 ways to improve Bluetooth sound

Many riders now have Bluetooth intercom units in their helmets to talk to other riders, take and make phone calls and listen to music, but the sound quality isn’t great. Others think it is ridiculous and unsafe to have music or conversations while riding. They ride to enjoy the “solitude”. If you do like some …

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CrossHelmet smart helmet HUD bluetooth

Feature-packed smart CrossHelmet coming

One of the most feature-packed, expensive, heaviest and biggest smart helmets yet, the CrossHelmet X1, has achieved its crowd-funding goal and is set for production in 2018. Read about the coming smart helmet revolution The Japanese CrossHelmet X1 looks enormous, but that’s because it packs a lot of technology into the shell. Features include head-up …

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Sena updates 20S with 30K unit

The next-generation Sena 30K Bluetooth system will have improved networking so the connection isn’t lost when a rider leaves a group. The 30K will arrive in mid-2017, according to Earmold Australia, and is based on the popular 20S unit. It also uses the same mount so you can swap them over. Sena calls the new …

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Interphone Urban Sport Tour Bluetooth intercoms

Interphone updates Bluetooth intercoms

Interphone has released a range of new Bluetooth intercoms with a new low-profile design, more talk time, smarter pairing and increased range. The new Interphone units are only 22mm deep so they form a low aerodynamic profile on your helmet. The two-way Interphone Urban intercom ($199.95 single, $349.95 pair) comes with white controls, while the four-way Sport …

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Gear Best D2 Bluetooth intercom

Do cheap Bluetooth intercoms work?

You can pay hundreds of dollars for a Bluetooth intercom, or less than $50 for a cheap unit, but do they really work? We tested a cheap $40 Chinese-made D2 500m intercom from Gear Best and found that, yes, they do work, but there are obviously some shortcomings. For a start, this cheap unit only supports …

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Sena SMH10 Bluetooth kit for iPhone

Time to update my Sena Bluetooth intercom

After about 10 years of faithful service and being absolutely flogged constantly, my dependable Sena SMH10 Bluetooth intercom has finally given up the ghost. Pretty good value and wear for an item that’s been frequently switched from helmet to helmet, and worn in rain, hail and even snow! However, it’s now time to update. I’ve …

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Vertix Raptor-i Bluetooth headset controller

Vertix Raptor-i Bluetooth intercom review

Singapore company Vertix is now offering a motorcycle Bluetooth intercom called the Raptor-i that features a handlebar remote control option, safe volume function and noise-cancelling technology. Vertix is distributed in Australia by Security Gear who also sell radar detectors, breathalysers and GPS trackers.  The Raptor-i is a little unusual as it is sold as separate …

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