BMW S 1000 RR privacy data

Data allows usage-based insurance

Your motorcycle data could soon be monitored by insurance companies to adjust your premiums or payouts based on your riding behaviour history. It has long been suspected that data loggers and other hi-tech devices in modern vehicles would one day be used by insurance companies to track motorists’ speed, vehicle usage and location. Usage-based insurance …

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Dangerous precedent: motorbike insurance ban

Importance of Bike Insurance Renewal on time

(Contributed post) Bike insurance policy will protect the bike owner from various kinds of risks. It will fulfil the owner’s obligation as per the law. You should buy at least a third-party (or liability policy) to ply on public roads. It is very much important to renew the policy to enjoy the benefits without fail. …

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Lock theft stolen Lock Insurance theft motorcycles thief reduce thefts

How can we reduce motorcycle theft?

There could be nothing more heartbreaking than to have your motorcycle stolen, but what can be done to reduce the alarming rate of theft? In Australia, 23 motorcycles and scooters are stolen every day. But that’s nothing, really. France tops the list for stolen motorcycles with 151 a day, while London alone, has more than …

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insurance claim reduce

How to reduce motorcycle CTP costs

How to reduce the high cost of CTP (compulsory third-party insurance) has always been an issue among motorcyclists, especially in NSW where drivers have received a rebate under a scheme introduced in 2017, but not riders. Motorcycle Council of NSW chairman Steve Pearce says the most frequent question they receive from riders is why don’t …

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CARRSQ Narelle Haworth and Ross Blackman motorcycles parking drivers

Riders make safer drivers, says survey

Drivers who also ride motorcycles are safer and make fewer and lesser-value insurance claims, according to a new British survey. The results of the three-year survey by British motorbike insurance company Carole Nash have led the company to offer riders up to £89 off their car insurance. Good luck trying to get your insurance company …

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