Lemon Motorbike scams check

‘Free’ vehicle check service offered

A major Australian insurance company has launched a “free” check on the history of used motorcycles and other vehicles so you don’t buy a lemon. If you are buying a used motorcycle, you should check to see if it is stolen, has money owing on it, has been written off in a crash or has …

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Is A Motorcycle Better Than a Car for A College Student?

(Contributed article for our North American college readers) College is already expensive and stressful as it is, so deciding how to commute from home to school and work doesn’t have to add to that stress. Despite being considered by many to be dangerous and perhaps socially unacceptable, a motorcycle makes total sense for a college …

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Fuel service station helmet user pays fuel levy

Call to replace rego with user-pays fuel levy

A riders group is seeking to scrap vehicle registration in favour of more expensive fuel through an extra state fuel levy, plus a user-pays tracking system for electric vehicles. The Queensland-based Motorcycle Advocacy Group Facebook group which claims membership of more than 1100 riders, mainly in South-East Queensland, has sent its proposal to the national cabinet. …

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MV Agusta Dragster 800 extensions

Bike warranty extensions for pandemic

Motorcycle manufacturers are starting to offer warranty extensions because of the down time during the pandemic lockdown. It began in India a month ago with companies such as KTM, Royal Enfield and Benelli offering up to three-month extensions on the warranty period of new motorcycles. The first to follow up here was Ural Australia with a three-month …

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building motorbike motorcycle maintenance garage mechanic

Insurers should offer pandemic discount

Insurers should be offering a discount or extension on premiums because people are not able to use their motorcycles and cars as much. We already suggested registration, warranty, roadside assistance and servicing offers should be extended and that met with approval among many readers. So far, the only Australian motorcycle company coming to the party …

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Future motorcycle insurance policies could require riders to fit electronic devices that monitor their location and riding activity and warn riders of impending crashes.

Will insurance require tracking and rider aids?

Future motorcycle insurance policies could require riders to fit electronic devices that monitor their location and riding activity and warn riders of impending crashes. Riders have long suspected this could be coming and now there are two such schemes about to begin in Europe. We recently reported on Vigo Insure where policy holders install a …

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Vigo Insurance policy includes Vigobox tracker

Insurance policy tracks motorbikes

A motorcycle insurance scheme where policy holders install a tracking system in their bike in return for cheap premiums as low as $A11 a month has started in Europe. Vigo Insure is another product from the Slovenian start-up who developed the aftermarket Start Turn System (automatic self-cancelling indicators) and the Smart Brake Module to prevent …

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demo rides increase sales

Demo motorcycle rides increase sales 10%

Offering demo rides will increase motorcycles by 10%, according to EZ Rider Demo which has invented a system to help dealers offer more test rides. Unlike car dealerships, motorcycle dealerships are reticent to offer demo rides for several reasons including heightened insurance risks. EZ  Rider Demo has invented a system where potential buyers sign up for a …

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