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Crashed riders miss out on compensation

Riders injured in single-vehicle, no-fault crashes may be failing to make compensation claims for fear of facing negligent riding charges, Motorcycle Council of NSW Chairman Steve Pearce says. NSW has moved to a no-fault system for CTP compensation which was expected to lead to an increase in compensation claims. However, the State Insurance Regulatory Authority …

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Steve Pearce chairman of the Motorcycle Council of NSW Look for motorcyclists in Motorcycle Awareness Month roadside assist ignores compulsory

Compulsory third party for riders, not motorbikes

Riders should pay compulsory third party (CTP) insurance only once for themselves, not for each motorcycle they own, says the Motorcycle Council of NSW Chairman Steve Pearce (above). He says it is the rider that is the insurance risk, not the motorcycle. “If you buy a motorcycle, the insurance risk is based on you and your …

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Marcus Wigan age Swann Insurance

Swann backs down on age barrier

Swann Insurance has dropped its age cut-off for motorcycle insurance after a 76-year-old professor was denied insurance for his Indian Scout motorcycle last year. Dr Marcus Wigan had been trying to enter an online Swann Insurance MotoGP competition in which entrants only had to apply for a quote. The competition gave no stipulation of an …

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Wills Motorcycle Council of NSW

MCC NSW members offered free Wills

No one likes to think of their mortality, especially vulnerable motorcycle riders, but the Motorcycle Council of NSW has organised free Wills for members. Chairman Steve Pearce says they have negotiated the deal for all members through MCC NSW legal advisors, Robert Bryden Lawyers. The service is on top of a recent Council offer of …

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BMW S 1000 RR privacy data

Data allows usage-based insurance

Your motorcycle data could soon be monitored by insurance companies to adjust your premiums or payouts based on your riding behaviour history. It has long been suspected that data loggers and other hi-tech devices in modern vehicles would one day be used by insurance companies to track motorists’ speed, vehicle usage and location. Usage-based insurance …

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Dangerous precedent: motorbike insurance ban

Importance of Bike Insurance Renewal on time

(Contributed post) Bike insurance policy will protect the bike owner from various kinds of risks. It will fulfil the owner’s obligation as per the law. You should buy at least a third-party (or liability policy) to ply on public roads. It is very much important to renew the policy to enjoy the benefits without fail. …

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Lock theft stolen Lock Insurance theft motorcycles thief reduce thefts

How can we reduce motorcycle theft?

There could be nothing more heartbreaking than to have your motorcycle stolen, but what can be done to reduce the alarming rate of theft? In Australia, 23 motorcycles and scooters are stolen every day. But that’s nothing, really. France tops the list for stolen motorcycles with 151 a day, while London alone, has more than …

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