Future motorcycle insurance policies could require riders to fit electronic devices that monitor their location and riding activity and warn riders of impending crashes.

Will insurance require tracking and rider aids?

Future motorcycle insurance policies could require riders to fit electronic devices that monitor their location and riding activity and warn riders of impending crashes. Riders have long suspected this could be coming and now there are two such schemes about to begin in Europe. We recently reported on Vigo Insure where policy holders install a …

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Vigo Insurance policy includes Vigobox tracker

Insurance policy tracks motorbikes

A motorcycle insurance scheme where policy holders install a tracking system in their bike in return for cheap premiums as low as $A11 a month has started in Europe. Vigo Insure is another product from the Slovenian start-up who developed the aftermarket Start Turn System (automatic self-cancelling indicators) and the Smart Brake Module to prevent …

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demo rides increase sales

Demo motorcycle rides increase sales 10%

Offering demo rides will increase motorcycles by 10%, according to EZ Rider Demo which has invented a system to help dealers offer more test rides. Unlike car dealerships, motorcycle dealerships are reticent to offer demo rides for several reasons including heightened insurance risks. EZ  Rider Demo has invented a system where potential buyers sign up for a …

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motorbike city insurance scooter

Most Common Month to Buy Motorcycle Insurance

Over the course of a given year, more than a million UK riders elect to insure their bikes. A survey by Devitt Insurance revealed that, for most of the year, renewals are in steady decline, punctuated by an abrupt threefold rise in March, from 4.4% of respondents to just over 13.5%. Now, we should state at …

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Registration rewards for safe riders

Kiwi riders are being offered $200 cash-back rewards on their motorcycle registration if they complete approved rider courses. It’s an interesting approach to the issue of the hefty insurance component in annual registration fees. In Australia, the Motorcycle Council of NSW is calling for third-party insurance on riders, not motorcycles as governments continue to hike up …

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Dangerous precedent: motorbike insurance ban refund

Riders may get insurance refund

Any rider who was sold “worthless add-on insurance”, such as an extended warranty, when they bought their bike through a dealer may be eligible for a refund. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission says the worthless additions were sold to more than half a million car and motorcycle customers. The corporate watchdog has announced another …

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crash Accident motorcycle road safety approved ratings killer wearing compensation

Crashed riders miss out on compensation

Riders injured in single-vehicle, no-fault crashes may be failing to make compensation claims for fear of facing negligent riding charges, Motorcycle Council of NSW Chairman Steve Pearce says. NSW has moved to a no-fault system for CTP compensation which was expected to lead to an increase in compensation claims. However, the State Insurance Regulatory Authority …

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Steve Pearce chairman of the Motorcycle Council of NSW Look for motorcyclists in Motorcycle Awareness Month roadside assist ignores compulsory oil spills

Compulsory third party for riders, not motorbikes

Riders should pay compulsory third party (CTP) insurance only once for themselves, not for each motorcycle they own, says the Motorcycle Council of NSW Chairman Steve Pearce (above). He says it is the rider that is the insurance risk, not the motorcycle. “If you buy a motorcycle, the insurance risk is based on you and your …

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