Riderbuds earphones

Warning over crowd funded bike products

We warned riders about supporting the crowd-funding campaign for RiderBuds earphones after customers had still not received products almost a year after the promised delivery date. However, two customers in Holland and Canada have now contacted us to say they have finally received their RiderBuds and are happy with their performance. We are satisfied they …

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Fly Free Smart Desert

Fly Free opens electric motorcycle orders

Californian electric motorcycle company Fly Free has opened up pre-orders for their retro bikes starting at just $4159 (about $A5870) through an Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign. Backers will not get a refund if the bikes do not go into production and there is no guarantee they will. However, the Long Beach company have already raised about 50% …

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Nembo 32 upside-down engine

Italians plan upside-down motorcycle

An Italian company plans to build a motorcycle with a howling, 150kW, upside-down, two-litre, triple engine and is seeking crowd-funding for the wacky idea. While many motorcycle manufacturers are trying to build bikes with a lower centre of gravity for more stability, Nembo Motociclette says mass centralisation as featured in MotoGP bikes is more important. …

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Last Motorcycle on Earth goes ahead

‘Last Motorcycle on Earth’ film going ahead

A disturbingly realistic film project about motorcycles being banned in a future world of autonomous vehicles will go ahead despite failing to raise funds from an Indiegogo campaign. Director of The Last Motorcycle on Earth, Eric Ristau, has confirmed they are going ahead with production and says he appreciates the supportive comments from readers in our …

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The Last Motorcycle on Earth! panic omitted

The Last Motorcycle on Earth!

In the not-too-distant future motorcycles will be banned because they are the last dangerous vehicles in a world of electric automated cars, trucks and buses. That’s the fear of many riders and it’s also the subject of a three-part series called The Last Motorcycle on Earth featuring Morgan Freeman that is being crowd-funded on Indiegogo. …

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SlimBuds earphones

SlimBuds bike earphones add comfort

New SlimBuds Bluetooth motorcycle earphones are claimed to be the most comfortable and secure with an app that dampens wind noise, but highlights important sounds for safety. Mechanical engineer Alperen Topay came up with the idea of slim-fitting earphones while on his daily motorcycle commute to work as an R&D engineer at one of Europe’s largest TV and …

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Skully HUD head-up display helmet inventions

Weird motorcycle inventions of 2016

Crowd funding is not only allowing innovative motorcycle inventions to come to market, but also allowing inventors to test the market. Unfortunately, crowd funding hit a major setback in 2016 when Skully head-up display helmets(pictured above) went belly-up. It was the fastest and most over-subscribed Kickstarter campaign yet, but it seems the founders squandered the …

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