Slovenian Paramedics and police use Smart Turn System self-cancelling indicators

Cops, paramedics fit auto bike indicators

Police and paramedics in Slovenia are the first in the world to fit Smart Turn System self-cancelling indicators to their range of motorcycles. Ministry of Infrastructure State Secretary Jure Leben says the device will make their officers and paramedics “safer when performing their daily duties and saving lives”. “Being focused on all details around them …

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Weiser Ultrabrights indicators

LED indicators improve rider safety

Signalling your intention clearly is an important primary safety device, which is why many modern motorcycles come with LEDs to improve visibility. Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are ultra-bright, draw less power and last up to 15,000 hours, which should last most riders the life of their bike. They also burn much cooler and their small size …

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Audicator sounds alarm if you forget to turn off your indicators

Audicator sounds alarm to switch off

Forgetting to turn off your indicators could be a danger as they give a false signal to other traffic, but now the aftermarket Audicator sounds an alarm to remind you to switch them off. Many new motorcycles now come with automatic self-cancelling indicators and there are even aftermarket versions hitting the market. However, some riders …

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Honda VFR800X

Honda plans blind spot alert

The age of electronic rider assistance seems to be approaching at an ever-increasing rate with the world’s biggest motorcycle manufacturer, Honda, applying for a blind spot alert patent. BMW was the first motorcycle manufacturer to offer blind spot alert technology in two-wheel vehicles and Bosch is working on blind spot alerts for motorcycles and now Honda …

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Smart Turn System self-cancelling indicators

Self-cancelling indicators being tested

An aftermarket self-cancelling indicator is now being tested by riders and the Solvenian makers are offering early adopters a discount reward. ABCS Sistem has been besieged by riders asking to be testers since the Smart Turn System was announced in February. So they have adopted an Early user program where customers can pre-order at a special price of 79€ A$116, US$89) instead of full price of 149€ (A$220, US$168). Invitations …

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Will self-cancelling indicators save lives? Smart Turn System

Could auto indicators save riders’ lives?

We’ve said it before, self-cancelling indicators can save riders from motorists driving right out in front of them thinking the rider is about to turn because their indicator is still on from a previous turn. All cars have self-cancelling indicators as standard equipment, yet only expensive motorcycles fit them. However, Slovenian company ABCS Sistem is planning to …

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