Harley-Davidson sues Chinese to protect trademark trade

Harley-Davidson caught in Trump trade war

Harley-Davidson has finally issued a statement in the ongoing trade war sparked by President Donald Trump’s dubious claims that America is disadvantaged by import duties. It started when Trump complained about India’s import duties affecting Harley and escalated when Trump threatened to raise import duties on steel and aluminium, prompting threats of retaliatory 25% duty …

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Harley-Davidson execs meet President Trump copycat cow debate waiving tariffs electric production berlin boycott results china

How Trump is wrong about Harley-Davidson

President Trump mentioned Harley-Davidson in a recent address to Congress, suggesting that they paid 100% import duty in India, but he seems to have his facts all wrong, as usual. Last month Harley execs met Trump on the White House lawns with five of their Touring motorcycles. “They wanted me to ride one, and I …

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Ducati relaunches in India with most models

Ducati opens biggest store yet

With the largest Ducati store opening in India, we have to wonder how long it will be before we start getting Ducati models assembled in the sub-continent. The Italian manufacturer Ducati has re-launched in the important market with their biggest store in the world and a full list of models. Most will be assembled in …

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