Ikon Suspension upgrade review Ducati GT1000

Ikon Suspension upgrade review

Australian company Ikon Suspension has been around in one form or another making riders more comfortable and safer since 1962. So when we wanted to update the very basic suspension on our Ducati GT1000 project bike we went with Ikon. Standard suspension on most road bikes is usually a compromise. However, even a budget set …

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Mark Zach Oliver's Motorcycles Ikon suspension Ducati GT1000

How to update your motorcycle suspension

A suspension update is a black art with every suspension expert having differing opinions. You could go up and down the MotoGP pit lane and find differing viewpoints from every garage. While it looks like a simple job to unscrew some bolts, swap the shocks and fork springs, then bolt them back in, there is …

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Ikon Progressive or linear suspension springs?

Progressive or linear suspension springs?

If you’ve looked at improving your suspension, you have probably run into the argument about whether progressive for linear springs are better. Our Ducati GT1000 project bike suffers from under-sprung and over-damped suspension like a lot of Ducati road bikes with standard suspension. The resulting effect is head-shake, chattering, harsh ride and loss of mechanical …

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