Scorpion hoverbikes flying

Hoverbikes now available for public use

Riders may one day take to the skies on hoverbikes now that the first commercial model is available to the public. However, it would set you back $US150,000 (about $A212,500), which is nearly twice the price of the MV Agusta limited-edition Claudio F4. Russian startup Hoversurf became the first to produce a commercially available model …

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Pigs really do fly over Dubai Scorpion hoverbike

Pigs really do fly over Dubai

Sorry, but we simply had to make a pun that pigs really do fly when we noticed this week that Dubai police have decided to buy hoverbikes to fight crime. “Hoverbikes” have been around for a few years now from various tech companies as well as BMW Motorrad whose Hover Ride is currently a toy, …

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Malloy hoverbikes

Future motorcycles may be hoverbikes

Is the future of motorcycles up in the air as hoverbikes rather than on two wheels? It seems so after two companies last year produced hoverbikes and one now has the mighty financial backing of the US Department of Defense. First there was the two-seater Aero-X hoverbike and now UK company Malloy Aeronautics is building …

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Motorbikes to become hoverbikes?

Back in May we showed you the two-seater Aero-X hoverbike and now a UK company is building a solo-seater hoverbike. Malloy Aeronautics is gearing up to test its hoverbike which they claim will be fast and capable of out-maneuvering a helicopter. It looks like flying hoola hoops and there is no word on what powers …

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Aero-X hovering bike hoverbike

Is hovering the future of motorcycling?

It looks like something out of a James Bond movie, but this hovering “bike” is not the stuff of Hollywood fantasy. It’s about to become reality. Californian company Aerofex is already testing its Aero-X hoverbike and plans to have the vehicle available for sale in 2017, costing more than $90,000. But is this the future …

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