280km/h Kawasaki NT POlice

280km/h Kawasaki rider still on the run

A rider who evaded Northern Territory Police and sped away at up to 280km/h on a Kawasaki ZX-10R is still on the run. NT Police say a motorcycle cop tried to intercept the rider when he noticed the false “XPLOD” plate on the back of the black-and-green Kwaka on about 9am on Monday (13 May …

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MBW does a wheelie in a private carpark Triumph Street Triple mojo

Wheelie and lose wheel, licence or bike

What’s the worst thing that could happen if you pop a wheelie? You could lose the front wheel like this unfortunate guy, or you could lose your licence and your motorcycle. The video above shows a rider doing some competent stunts in the safety of what looks like a carpark. Apart from the lack of bike maintenance and …

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Who’s to blame in bikers Vs SUV?

The blame game has started in the wake of a recent YouTube sensation depicting a clash between bikers and a Range Rover in New York. You may have seen the video. If not, just search for “Hollywood Stuntz” on YouTube and take your pick from the many videos on display. This is actually only a …

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Wheelie & lose your bike

Spring could be a crushing time for some riders in the Sunshine State. 
Pop a wheelie or do a burnout in Queensland and your bike could be confiscated for 90 days – the toughest anti-hoon penalty in Oz. Do it again in the next five years and your bike could be sold or crushed. No …

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