Kawasaki Ninja 1000 residents

Residents rebel against ‘hoon riders’

Residents on popular motorcycle routes are starting to rebel against what they see as ‘hoon riders’ invading their weekend country peace and quite. In the latest move, Mt Mee residents in Brisbane’s west have called for concealed surveillance cameras, point-to-point speed cameras, more 60km/h zones, traffic claiming, fluorescent speed signs, TruCAM laser speed guns fitted in …

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cops chase hoons

Motorcycles crushed on video

http://youtu.be/_AnImxbJtqc In a dramatic message to hoons on motorcycles and quad bikes, police in the UK have released video of a police pursuit of speeding riders. But what happens next is the most crushing blow … they crush the hoons’ bikes. Ouch, that’s gotta hurt! Bradford Police set up a Quad Squad two months ago to crack …

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