Ten top tips for riding with a pillion

Check out the hilarious video about being a pillion or “riding bitch”. Then read our serious tips on the joys of sharing your ride with someone else. My first pillion ride was also the first time I did the old ton (100mph or 160km/h) on a bike. It was 1974-ish and my flared Amco jeans were …

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Terry's customised Gold Wing

Honda Gold Wing stripped naked

Years before Honda thought about stripping off its Gold Wing to make the brawny F6B and the naughty naked Valkyrie, Terry Bloomfield had the same idea. About five years ago he paid $5000 to an Adelaide school teacher for a 1984 GL1200 but immediately ran into red tape. “I had all sorts of dramas getting …

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How to park your motorcycle

You would think parking your bike would be a simple matter of kicking down the side stand and getting off. But it’s much more complicated than that with issues of mechanics, physics and the law to consider. HEAVY BIKES Riders of light bikes don’t have near as much to worry about as people with large …

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Return of the Honda Valkyrie

The Valkyrie is riding back! The trimmed-down Honda GoldWing was a big hit back in Australia until it was phased out in 2005. But there has always been hope of it returning. Remember the Rhune limited edition bike? Then this year Honda came back with an F6B which was a stripped down Wing that looked …

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Honda CTX1300 preview

Honda doesn’t seem content following the herd. Consequently the CTX1300 was unveiled at the Milan motorcycle show. It’s a cross between a tourer and cruiser. There’s also a little bit of scooter in there and even some F6B GoldWing. The CTX1300 is powered by the VFR1200 V4 engine with 62kW of power, 106Nm of torque, …

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Honda reveals new motorcycles

Honda has been busy lately with leaked photos of a CTX crossover cruiser/tourer powered by an ST1300 V4, a six-speed Super Bol D’or CB1300S and a better-suspended CBR600RR. The polarising design of the CTX aside, the prospect of this bike with some decent power has lips being licked all around the motorcycle world. Pictures show …

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2014 Harley-Davidson images

Most of the changes to the 2014 Harley-Davidson are in the Touring line-up. This could be seen as a response to the launch of the Indian Chief with its first touring hard bagger model, but that was only two weeks ago and even Harley couldn’t turn around their marketing and production strategies that quickly. The …

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Triumph Sprint GT SE

Triumph Sprint GT SE review

The Triumph Sprint GT SE is a bargain touring bike and a model that has flown underneath the radar, demanding more attention than it gets. While Triumph trumpeted about its Trophy with all the latest electronic gizmos, it introduced this special edition of the GT in June without any fanfare. But it really does deserve some …

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Slim Bluetooth for helmet

Have you ever noticed how much wind noise is generated by bulky Bluetooth systems hanging off the side of your helmet? Some of the new units are so small they don’t cause any turbulence. One of the thinnest is the new AKE Stealth NG imported by Queensland company Intaride run by dedicated riders Dennis Cool …

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midweek warriors weekday

Weekday warriors avoid the traffic

There’s a growing new breed of riders out there: Weekday warriors. They prefer the relative quiet of riding through the week rather than the hectic free practice of weekend dashes between favourite biker hang-outs. There are no “Sunday drivers”, no MotoGP wannebes, no caravans and basically very little traffic. That also means a shorter wait …

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