HJC vintage retro flip-up modular V90 helmet

HJC makes first retro flip-up helmet

The retro helmet fad has boomed in recent years, but this HJC V90 with bubble visor is the first we have seen in a modular or flip-up helmet. These vintage-style helmets are usually worn by touring riders (and many BMW riders!) who are more interested in the flexibility of the practical design than in fashion …

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HJC releases Star Wars and Marvel helmets Spider and Veno

HJC releases Star Wars and Marvel helmets

HJC Helmets is celebrating its 45th anniversary with Star Wars and Marvel Comics branded motorcycle helmets for their 2017 collection. Of course you’ll pay up to an extra $100 for the privilege of following your nerdy fashion tastes, but who cares when you can look like a superhero or super-villain, right? The Marvel helmets arrive in …

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