Nomadic Kinghts invites daredevil riders to join their first tour of the Cliffhanger track in the Himalayas (Photo by Iain Crockart)

Daredevils invited to ride Himalayan Cliffhanger

Experienced riders and daredevils are invited to join the inaugural Nomadic Knights reconnaissance motorcycle tour of the hair-raising Cliffhanger in the Himalayas. The Cliffhanger is a rough Himalayan track hewn into the side of vertical cliffs in Kashmir and is billed as one of the world’s hairiest roads. The first motorcycle tour group to tackle the road will …

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Ferris Wheels Himalyan Heights tour - Himalayas

Motorcycle trip of a lifetime to Himalayas

A motorcycle trip to the Himalayas has to rate as one of the top items on anyone’s bucket list. Veteran tour operators Mike and Denise Ferris of Aussie-based Ferris Wheels say their flagship tours in July and August of 2015 have several vacancies and they have assured riders that the region was not affected by …

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