Riders protest the laws at the January 26 rally in Roma St

High Court rejects appeal against anti-bikie laws

The High Court of Australia has rejected an appeal against Queensland’s “anti-bikie” laws, including the Orwellian Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment (VLAD) Act. However, more challenges to the laws are expected to be mounted. The man who drafted the appeal against Queensland’s draconian “anti-bikie” laws says it will take some time to distill the long and complex …

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Anti-vlad vest vlad laws

VLAD laws expected to be quashed

The man who drafted the appeal against Queensland’s draconian “anti-bikie” VLAD laws believes they will be quashed late today. Honorary legal counsel for the United Motorcycle Clubs in Queensland and NSW, Barrister Wayne Baffsky, says he’s “praying” that the Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment (VLAD) laws will be overturned, but is concerned about precedence regarding a …

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Little Mick awaits the VLAD laws decision

High Court verdict on VLAD laws tomorrow

The High Court of Australia is expected to hand down its decision on Queensland’s “anti-bikie” laws tomorrow (November 14) about 9.30am AEDT (8.30am AEST). United Motorcycle Clubs of Queensland (UMCQ) spokesman Mick Kosenko says his family life and business have been on hold since the UMC launched a legal challenge on March 19 against the …

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No apology over police harassment

Premier Campbell Newman has not apologised over police harassment of a group of riders on their way to the funeral of a 70-year-old woman who died of cancer. (Read the story.) Instead of apologising for that and police video taping the motorcycle cortege, he has gone on the attack, claiming that the Townsville police were …

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Anti-bikie laws: tip of iceberg

If you think it is ridiculous that riding in groups of three or more will attract the attention of the Queensland police under the world’s toughest anti-bikie laws, then think again. This is just the tip of a weird and discriminatory motorcycling world. Did you know that while it is not illegal to have sex …

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Police ‘harass’ funeral cortege

Police have “harassed” motorcycle riders on their way to the funeral of a 70-year-old woman who died of cancer, according to a Townsville bike shop owner. The riders were also videoed as they escorted the hearse from the funeral parlour to the cemetery, says Townsville Custom Cycles owner Leeroy Donovan. He says his customers are …

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Bikie laws fighting fund ‘urgent’

A man with tattoos and riders with commemorative charity ride patches have been refused service in a Queensland pub and restaurant fearing they are bikies, according to Australian Motorcycle Council chairman Shaun Lennard (pictured). He says these incidents have created a “sense of urgency” about their fighting fund to challenge the world’s toughest anti-bikie laws. …

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