Hesketh introducing a Valiant Supercharger supercharged

Hesketh supercharges its line-up

Forced induction is the next big thing with several major manufacturers looking down that road and boutique manufacturer Hesketh introducing a Valiant Supercharger. In Australia, the name is rather funny as we used to have a Valiant Charger in the 1970s which was an iconic muscle car. The Valiant Supercharger is a supercharged version of …

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Classic motorcycle

Ariel joins list of revived motorcycles

Bultaco, Brough, Matchless and Hesketh are famous motorcycle brands that have recently been revived. Now add the venerable British brand, Ariel, to that list. It seems everything old is new again and brands such as Norton are enjoying a revival in limited-edition rather than mass production. Similarly, Ariel, which was sold to BSA in 1951 …

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