Halley helmet hanger

Helmet hanger safeguards important lining

This motorcycle helmet hanger is claimed to safeguard your helmet while safely putting it on display so every visitor will see your love of motorcycle. New Spanish motorcycle accessories company Halley Accessories has successfully achieved its Kickstarter crowd funding goal and will go into production. This follows the unsuccessful attempt in 2014 of Brisbane custom …

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Fogging helmet visor wet rain

How to stop helmet visor fogging

Motorcycle helmet visor fogging is a major safety issue that doesn’t just occur in cold conditions, but also during rain in summer as well as winter. Many modern helmets have features that prevent fogging. They include air vents, visors that prop open a couple of centimetres, nose/breath guards and anti-fog visors or inserts. However, if …

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Biltwell Lane Splitter Rusty Butcher retro motorcycle helmet

Biltwell Lane Splitter helmet review

American motorcycle helmet manufacturer Biltwell has released its retro Lane Splitter helmet in Australia with other models coming in the next couple of years. It’s one of many previously unavailable helmets now on our market after the changes in certification allowed European ECE22.05 helmets to be worn in Australia. Biltwell has been making helmets in …

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Davida Koura helmet

Davida Koura their first full-face helmet

UK helmet manufacturer Davida has launched their first first full-face helmet, the Koura, at the EICMA motorcycle show last week. Davida is better known for their open-face helmets, but now they have followed in the footsteps of brands such as Bell, Biltwell and Veldt in producing a retro-styled full-face helmet. Their open-face helmets have a …

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EZ-GO helmet strap

EZ-GO Strap carries your motorcycle helmet

If you find it inconvenient carrying your helmet around, you may be interested in this EZ-GO motorcycle helmet strap. The Chinese-made EZ-GO Strap sells for just $A22 (plus $A10 shipping) and you can buy it here online. EZ-GO strap in use We were sent a strap to use and were surprised at how often we …

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America's newest motorcycle company, Vanguard, has teamed up with fellow American Bluetooth company FUSAR and Isle of Man helmet company Veldt to offer an exclusive helmet. sound

5 ways to improve Bluetooth sound

Many riders now have Bluetooth intercom units in their helmets to talk to other riders, take and make phone calls and listen to music, but the sound quality isn’t great. Others think it is ridiculous and unsafe to have music or conversations while riding. They ride to enjoy the “solitude”. If you do like some …

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Guy Stanford Youtube videos helmet legal issues

YouTube videos explain helmet issues

Three YouTube videos have been launched today to help riders understand the rules and regulations, correct fitting and crash-protection purpose of helmets. The videos were made by the Motorcycle Council of NSW with funding from Transport for NSW. Presenter is MCC of NSW helmet expert Guy Stanford. He says the videos clarify some issues and …

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Annual police speed crackdown modular

Can you wear a modular helmet open?

Motorcycle police often ride around with the chin bar on their modular or flip-up helmets in the up position, but is it safe or legal? It makes sense that a modular helmet worn open is not as safe as when it is worn as a full-face helmet. In fact, the Hurt Report found that the …

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Sikh Motorcycle Club rides for charity sikhs

Should Sikhs be exempt from helmets?

Turban-wearing Sikhs should be exempt from wearing a helmet while riding motorcycles on streets posted up to 60km/h, say a group of NSW Sikhs. The Central Coast of NSW Sikhs are campaigning to Coffs Coast Council for the right to not wear helmets. They are not fighting the ruling on humanitarian or religious grounds, but the inconvenience …

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