John Eacott with his new Schuberth C4 Pro helmet

Schuberth C4 Pro helmet review

German company Schuberth helmets have been producing helmets for motorsport and riders for more than 90 years with the top-of-the-range C4 Pro now available. Their quality helmets have only recently come to Australia through MB Motorcycles since our helmet laws were opened up to European standards. We asked Australian Motorcycle Council executive John Eacott to …

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cleaning bugs off helmet visor and bike

How to clean bugs off visor and motorbike

If you’ve ever been showered with bugs on your ride, you will know how difficult they are to remove from your helmet visor and your motorcycle. That’s because the wind quickly dries them out and they become very hard and stick like glue to any surface. Cleaning bugs off your bike While bugs on a …

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Motorcycle Helmets label and sticker

Choosing The Right Bike Helmet For A Safe Ride

(Contributed post) When it comes to riding a motorbike, having the right safety gear is of utmost importance. Riding is far more enjoyable when you have the confidence you are safe. A helmet is the most important part of your bike safety gear as it protects your head and face. In the event of an …

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Revan dashcam HUD bluetooth unit

Revan camera may replace mirrors

Future motorcycles may not need mirrors with this Revan helmet-mounted live-feed camera that screens images to a head-up display (HUD). Some may find this bulky camera and HUD device as a safety feature that eliminates blind spots while others may view it as a dangerous distraction. The Revan system includes an intercom for VoIP-based group …

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Talk 'N Shoot action camera app and Bluetooth headset tech regulations

Should new helmet regulations cause concern?

Proposed helmet accessories testing regulations have concerned riders that aftermarket externally fitted Bluetooth intercoms and cameras may be banned. However, one helmet expert says there is no cause for concern! The proposed changes are part of the upgrade to United Nations Economic Commission for Europe 22.05 standard which has been accepted for use in Australia …

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AGV K6 helmet

AGV K6 helmet offers more protection

The new AGV K6 carbon helmet has more shell area and less visor mechanism for maximised protection, though the visor still offers peripheral vision of 190°. It arrives in March from $699 for mono colours and $799 for multi colours. The lightweight 1220g road helmet is based on technologies derived from the Pista GP R …

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Helmet Hook How to protect and clean your visor hang

Helmet Hook helps bushfire animals

If you want to secure your helmet on your motorcycle and help animal rescue efforts after the bushfires, buy a Helmet Hook for your bike. For every $19.95 Helmet Hook bought, about $7.45 will be donated to animal rescue. Australian importer Bill Murphy says his American supplier is a “huge animal lover” who was “devastated by …

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Atlas 2.0 helmet

Atlas 2.0 motorcycle helmet review

British helmet company Ruroc is about to launch its updated Atlas 2.0 carbon-fibre helmet with several improvements and a clever magnetic quick-release chin strap clasp. The official launch is on 27 February  2020, but we’ve had one for a couple of weeks now and been testing it in the real world. The carbon-fibre Atlas 2.0 …

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EyeRide HUD has unlimited group chat

French company EyeLights already makes head-up display units for cars and is now planning to move into motorcycles with a revolutionary EyeRide connection system for large group intercom. Instead of using Bluetooth to connect, it uses a data connection to a Discord app server. While EyeRide promises virtually unlimited group chats with others on the …

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Sena 50 series

Sena introduces new 50 series intercom

Sena has introduced the next generation of Bluetooth helmet intercoms with the new 50 series that includes wifi capability to efficiently charge and automatically download firmware updates. That means there is no longer any need to plug it into your computer, just plug in the wifi charger and connect to a nearby wifi source such …

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