cleaning bugs off helmet visor and bike

How to clean bugs off visor and motorbike

If you’ve ever been showered with bugs on your ride, you will know how difficult they are to remove from your helmet visor and your motorcycle. That’s because the wind quickly dries them out and they become very hard and stick like glue to any surface. Cleaning bugs off your bike While bugs on a …

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Fogging helmet visor wet rain work visorcat

How to stop helmet visor fogging

Motorcycle helmet visor fogging is a major safety issue that doesn’t just occur in cold conditions, but also during rain in summer as well as winter. Many modern helmets have features that prevent fogging. They include air vents, visors that prop open a couple of centimetres, nose/breath guards and anti-fog visors or inserts. However, if …

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How to protect and clean your helmet visor

Your visor is your window to what lies ahead so it is important to protect it and keep it clean for your own safety. It also advisable to look after your visors because they can be expensive to replace. Read about the “great visor ripoff” here. Protecting your visor You can lengthen the life of …

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Absurd visor laws need simplification ripoff

The great motorcycle helmet visor ripoff

If you think the price of some motorcycle helmets is a ripoff, what about the exorbitant prices you face for a replacement visor? Visors are easily scratched from a mishap or just from bugs, dust, road grime and light gravel and stones. When they are damaged they should be replaced for your own safety. But …

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Bell Bullitt motorcycle helmet with bubble visor helmet cam tinted visor

Four myths about tinted helmet visors

Now that Euro helmet standards have been approved in all states and territories except Western Australia, the focus for enforcement could shift to tinted visors, warns longtime helmet campaigner Wayne Carruthers. (Western Australia is expected to fall into line soon and South Australia has announced their laws will change by May.) Wayne has compiled the …

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Instant-tint sunglasses

Sunglasses bypass tinted visor furore

Riders worried about being fined for wearing a tinted motorcycle helmet visor may soon be able to get better technology in a prototype range of glasses that instantly tint at the touch of a button. The “e-Tint” technology was originally developed by American liquid crystal company AlphaMicron and is now being used by motorcycle helmet …

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