DOT helmet stickers

Victoria accepts Euro helmet standards

Victoria has followed Queensland by accepting European motorcycle helmet standards, placing pressure on other states to follow suit. As of yesterday, Victorian riders are able to wear helmets with an ECE sticker rather than the current Australian Standards sticker. It is also believed New South Wales will be the next state to expand its helmet …

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VLAD laws

Riders can’t buy approved helmets

Riders in Queensland will soon be able to wear internationally approved helmets, but they won’t be able to buy them from their favourite bike shop. And that could have serious safety implications. In February, the Queensland Governor is expected to sign new laws which include axing the rules around Australian standards for helmets and permitting …

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Motul motorcycle helmet cleaner - tinted visor fine

What to do if you cop a helmet fine

If the cops want to fine you for a non-compliant helmet, ask them to throw the book at you, says a motorcycle industry advocate! Without a hint of irony, Australian Motorcycle Council helmets committee chair Guy Stanford suggests that if the cops want to fine you for wearing a helmet camera, having a tinted visor or …

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Cyclist helmet laws

Cyclists, mums threatened by helmet law

Mums and cyclists could face fines if the Victorian Police interpretation of motorcycle helmet laws is upheld in a Magistrates Court. The bizarre turn of events is due to the police interpretation of Australian Standards which, if taken to the letter of the law, would even require motorcyclists to carry a book of instructions on the …

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