BMW System 7 Carbon helmet loud

How loud is your motorcycle helmet?

Just how loud is your motorcycle helmet and what damage is it doing to your ears? Medical authorities tell us that 15 minutes exposed to sound levels over 95dB can do irreparable damage to your hearing. Check out this noise pollution calculator. The long-term result can be tinnitus or ringing in the ears. If you want …

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Earmold Australia

What are the best Earmold Australia plugs?

Earmold Australia have been making earplugs for Aussie riders since 1988 and now produce their own laboratory-made Lab-Flex earplugs. We’ve tested them all over the past 10 or so years and love them all. They are our favourite way of protecting our hearing, staying in touch with the outside world (work commitments!) and enjoying music …

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Pinlock motorcycle earplugs

Pinlock earplugs may save hearing

Pinlock has come to the rescue of riders who are particularly susceptible to hearing loss from prolonged exposure to riding noise. It’s not actually exhaust or engine noise that cause the biggest problem, but wind noise, according to the American Industrial Paramedic Services. And I would add another – music. Bluetooth helmet speaker systems pump …

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