Virus meme panic coronavirus threat

Is coronavirus a threat to riders?

Our memes about the threat of coronavirus (above and below) have gone viral and been cited by several websites. They may be humorous, but make no mistake; this pandemic is no laughing matter. Virus threat It has caused death and serious illness, the cancellation of major events, closing of borders and states of emergency in …

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spidi mission beta concept smoke acket

Jacket protects from bushfire smoke

Italian motorcycle rider protection company SPIDI is working on a smog-proof jacket and mask that could protect riders from the current bushfire smoke spread across NSW and Queensland. The Spidi Mission Beta is currently just a concept. However, it seems to be an advancement on their Beta Pro which has a special waterproof membrane and …

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Motorcycle riding is good for your health

Motorcycles are not only economical commuters and fun tourers, but they also have many health benefits. If you want to keep yourself both mentally and physically fit, but don’t have time for the gym, try riding a motorbike.  The following are some of the main advantages of riding a bike: 1) Improves brain power: Driving …

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Carey Hart's Hooligan flat track Scout burnout used to make Indian Motorcycle tattoo ink

The Danger of Smoking/Vaping While Riding a Motorcycle

(CONTRIBUTED POST) It’s no secret that riding motorcycles still has that rebellious edge style depicted in the Easy Rider film. And most manufacturers of smoking and vaping products would like to have every rider have this perception. However, this is just a cynical ploy with the risk of getting some motorcycle riders into smoking or …

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Combat medic plans 'medicycle' for indigenous Rick Carey Royal Enfield Classdicx 500 Pegasus limited edition

Combat medic plans ‘medicycle’ for indigenous

A former elite soldier and combat medic is raising funds to buy and equip a “medicycle” to bring crucial medical relief to indigenous communities in far north Australia. Rick Carey, 64, of the Snowy Mountains, recently completed a three-month, 25,000km fundraising trip through the Northern Territory on his Royal Enfield Classic 500 Pegasus. He raised …

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Losing weight large fuel economy

How to lose weight riding motorcycles

We are bound to put on a bit of Christmas “pudding” over the coming holiday season, but did you know you can actually lose weight while riding your motorbike? It seems strange because most riding is a sedentary and social recreation. However, an 80kg rider will burn 40 more calories an hour riding a motorbike than driving a …

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Motor Repellent mosquito repellent for motorcycle exhausts

Motorcycles to fight mosquito diseases Motorcycles could help prevent the spread of the dangerous mosquito-borne Zika virus by attaching a special citronella can to the end of their exhausts. The Thai branch of worldwide advertising agency BBDO has come up with the idea to create Moto Repellent and is helping local charity Duang Prateep to spread the word … …

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motorcycle helmet noise

Good and bad news on helmet noise

Wind noise produced when riding a motorcycle can effect your hearing, but it may not impair your ability to hear important sounds. These are the findings of two University of Bath traffic psychology researchers, Dr Ian Walker and Michael Carley. Dr Carley, in particular, has presented many papers on helmet noise and motorcycle aerodynamics. “For …

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Motorcycle rider hydration study

Road and off-road racers are needed to volunteer for a study into the affects of hydration. The study by University of Queensland PhD student Justin Holland should have benefits for all riders. “What we’re hoping to see is that it will flow down into a general recommendation for people who do long rides,” he says. …

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