Motorcycles Gold Coast Canungra learners training road craft

Call for motorcycle road craft courses

Australian riders are desperately short of road craft advanced riding courses after the closure of a subsidised course on the Gold Coast five years ago. Rider Tod Parkes asked us if there were any road craft courses available to teach advanced survival skills to licensed riders in the real world of riding. We did some research …

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Yvonne Everett Road of Death dirt bike learning

Learning to ride for Death Road

Yvonne Everett has been riding motorcycles since she was 16, but recently went back to bike school to sharpen her dirt skills so she could ride the Bolivian Death Road. Here’s her story. I’m spinning my wheels in the dirt and splashing through muddy puddles at the HART (Honda Australia Rider Training) facility north of …

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motorcycle Crash road safety- austroad

Motorcycle road safety ‘carrot’

One government is tackling motorcycle road safety with a “carrot” approach rather than the usual “big stick”. The Welsh Government has launched a competition with an attractive “prize” to find innovative projects that can reduce the number of motorcyclists killed or seriously injured on Welsh roads. It has called on businesses with innovative ideas to …

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