Ducati Scambler

Top 10 motorcycles for 2015

There are plenty of new motorcycles coming in 2015 that we can’t wait to throw a leg over, but what are our top 10 most desirable and what are yours? Read on to see our choices, then cast your own vote at the bottom of the story. We really are in the halcyon days of motorcycling …

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Harley Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle

Electric motorcycles get moving

More than 55 million electric motorcycles and scooters will be sold over the next decade, according to market researchers Navigant Research. The research says that the more toward more electric-powered motorcycles and scooters is being driven by rising fuel prices and urban congestion. While Navigant research director John Gartner recognises that the current electric motorcycle market …

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Harley-Davidson LIveWire

Battery advances help electric motorcycles

Major hurdles to the acceptance of electric motorcycles are limited range and lengthy recharge times. However, advances are being made all the time in battery technology. Consequently, manufacturers such as BMW, Yamaha and Harley are forging ahead with electric-powered motorcycles and scooters, confident in the knowledge that battery technology will advance and they can replace …

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Polaris Slingshot three-wheeler tease

Polaris has released a teaser video of a three-wheeler “Slingshot” machine that looks a little like the KTM Crossbow track car. The road-going Polaris Slingshot will be fully unveiled on July 27 and would be a departure for the company which has specialised in all-terrain and snowmobiles. However, Polaris has broken a lot of rules …

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