Harley-Davidson execs meet President Trump copycat cow debate waiving tariffs

Harley, Indian bit by Trump tariffs

Prices of Harley-Davidson and Indian motorcycles could rise after President Donald Trump announced import tariffs of  25% on steel and 10% on aluminium. How much imported steel and aluminium goes into their bikes is not known. However, US investment firm Wedbush Securities estimates the increased import tariffs could add up to $30m a year in costs …

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Harley-Davidson sues Chinese to protect trademark trade

Harley-Davidson caught in Trump trade war

Harley-Davidson has finally issued a statement in the ongoing trade war sparked by President Donald Trump’s dubious claims that America is disadvantaged by import duties. It started when Trump complained about India’s import duties affecting Harley and escalated when Trump threatened to raise import duties on steel and aluminium, prompting threats of retaliatory 25% duty …

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Ducati flat track (photo AFT)

Ducati chases flat track glory

Indian Motorcycle swept Harley-Davidson aside last year in the American Flat Track championships in a PR coup and now Ducati wants a slice of the action. The big motorcycle companies are spending up big on the sport which they believe will attract a younger demographic to their brands. Ducati has posted a $180,000-plus contingency and …

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Alta Redshift MXR Harley-Davidson electric motorcycles EV

Harley-Davidson partners with electric Alta

Harley-Davidson is launching an electric bike in 2019 and has now acquired a stake in Alta Motors which makes electric off-road motorcycles (pictured above). In 2014, Harley revealed its Livewire Project electric sports bike which we rode later that year in LA. However, when the company recently announced it would launch an electric bike on …

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Harley-Davidson 115th anniversary 110th 105th

Harley-Davidson 115th focusses on bikes

Harley-Davidson has announced its limited-edition 115th anniversary model list as it focusses more on bikes and racing, rather than big-name rock concerts. Marketing VP Heather Maleshek says their anniversary party in Milwaukee on the August Labor Day weekend (August 29-September 2) will be “like no other we have thrown before”. Previously, five-yearly celebrations have attracted more …

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Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight Special and Iron 1200 - revelation

Will Harley electric bike be a Revelation?

Harley-Davidson has launched two new Sportster variants – Iron 1200 and Forty-Eight Special – and applied for the trademark name H-D Revelation which could be the name for their electric bike to be released next year. CEO Matt Levatich last month defrayed concern about their fourth consecutive year of sliding sales by announcing they would …

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Emflux ONE electric motorcycle electric motorbike

Change mindset on electric motorcycles

If riders want to adopt the coming era of electric motorcycles they will have to develop a totally different mindset to how they ride and refuel. Recent developments show electric motorcycles are coming … and coming fast! In fact, there is even an electric MotoGP series coming next year. Harley-Davidson recently announced it will have …

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Elliott Andrews - Elliott Motorcycles fastest Softail Fat Bob 114

Tilt at world’s fastest Softail title

Sydney custom motorcycle startup Elliott Motorcycles hope to smash their Aussie speed record and grab the title of the world’s fastest Softail next month. Owner Elliott Andrews says he is taking his modified 2018 Harley-Davidson Fat Bob 114 to Lake Gairdner in South Australia on March 8, 2018. “With this bike I’m feeling confident I …

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