honda patent drum brakes variable riding position

Honda patents variable riding position

Honda has been going crazy with some equally crazy patents lately but the latest patent applications for a variable riding position and drum brakes are both brilliant and bizarre. Recent Honda patent applications include: A helmet that integrates with the bike and monitors for of an impending rear-ender; A helmet that recognises your face when you put …

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handlebars petition Burleigh Bars Adrian Reynolds height concern

Handlebar height rules a ‘real concern’

An online petition calling for relaxed handlebar height rules for rider comfort and so lane filtering riders hit fewer car mirrors has been rejected by the Liberal Government, but met with “real concern” by the Federal Labor Opposition. Gold Coast handlebar manufacturer Burleigh Bars Australia started the online petition to scrap the arbitrary limit of …

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handlebars petition Burleigh Bars Paul Whittaker police

Handlebar height a ‘police witch-hunt’

Arbitrary handlebar height restrictions have created an excuse for police to conduct a witch-hunt to harass riders, says Zane Walton of Burleigh Bars Australia. The Gold Coast handlebar manufacturer has started an online petition to scrap the arbitrary limit of 380mm above the seat. Click here to read about the petition. Witch-hunt examples Zane …

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Petition to change handlebar height rules Burleigh bars

Petition to change handlebar height rules

Lane filtering riders would hit fewer car mirrors if handlebar height rules were relaxed, says Gold Coast handlebar manufacturer Burleigh Bars Australia. They have started an online petition to have the rules changed to allow higher bars for a number of reasons including safety, control and health reasons. Click here if you would like …

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handlebars defect notice regulations

States confuse riders on handlebar regulations

The arcane rules and regulations on handlebar measurements are made more confusing for riders by the different interpretations and amendments of each state. Longtime motorcycle campaigner Wayne Carruthers says some states have not appreciated the 2005 and 2016 changes in regulations. “Many states still have clauses with the old height and width measurement systems which …

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Harley-Davidson Street Bob Softail Dyna Handlebar maximum measurements challenged

Handlebar maximum measurements challenged

Arbitrary maximum heights and widths for motorcycle handlebars have no basis in science or safety research, yet many jurisdictions enforce maximum measurements with no relationship to rider posture. In Australia the rules vary from state to state, but they are generally that the lowest part of the hand grip must not be higher than 380mm …

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MRAQ president Chris Mearns - learner riders

Police admit wrong fine on handlebars

Police have been incorrectly fining riders for wide handlebars, unaware the Australian Design Rules increased the maximum width in December 2015 from 900mm to 1100mm. Caboolture rider Dean Brown has had his fine waived by the Deception Bay police, but Motorcycle Riders Association of Queensland president Chris Mearns knows of four other incorrect infringement notices …

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Michael Madsen looks cool as "The Gent" with his ape hanger bars in Quentin Tarentino's Hell Ride Handlebar maximum measurements challenged regulations tall

Are ape hanger handlebars dangerous?

The safety of ape hanger handlebars is back in the news with one American state considering axing a three-decade ban and other states closely watching the outcome. High-set ape hanger bars were banned in 30 American states in the 1960s. The American was on the pretext of safety, but was more likely introduced so police …

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