Thrustcycle Gyroycle gyrsoscopic balancing bike

Balancing bikes the next big thing?

Shortly after BMW Motorrad unveiled its self-balancing Vision 100 Next motorcycle, Thrustcycle has unveiled their own version of a self-balancing bike. While there have been Segway-type self-balancing vehicles before, they balance forwards and backwards, while these balance sideways. It means that when you slow down, internal spinning wheels take over, creating a gyroscopic effect. It …

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Ryno Motors boss Chris Hoffmann

One-wheeled electric Ryno setback

Ryno Motors has shipped its first one-wheeled electric gyroscopic motorcycle to an international customer, but plans for mass production have been postponed. The Portland, Oregon, company has put a stop to orders as it tries to raise additional funding to refine the product and reduce production costs. Company boss Chris Hoffmann (pictured at top) says …

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