Phone mount gizmos

Motorcycle gadgets and hi-tech gizmos

Motorcyclists are fond of accessories, gadgets and hi-tech gizmos that make their life easier and their riding more enjoyable. Here is the latest list of interesting gadgets and gizmos: PHONE MOUNT Your smartphone is now one of the most vital gizmos on your bike, replacing your GPS, camera, iPod, etc. The Interphone Smartphone Pro Case …

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Crescent multi-tool gadget

Wacky gadgets for motorcycles

We love wacky gadgets for our motorcycles and we’ve got some excellent gizmos here that scan the road for you, a handy multi-tool for fixing small mechanical problems and a phone recharger for riders on the go all day. HAZARD SCANNER The first is the Byxee road-hazard scanner which is still in the Kickstarter fund-raising …

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