Fuel service station helmet user pays fuel levy

Call to replace rego with user-pays fuel levy

A riders group is seeking to scrap vehicle registration in favour of more expensive fuel through an extra state fuel levy, plus a user-pays tracking system for electric vehicles. The Queensland-based Motorcycle Advocacy Group Facebook group which claims membership of more than 1100 riders, mainly in South-East Queensland, has sent its proposal to the national cabinet. …

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Fuel service station helmet profiteering

Servos profiteering from pandemic

The shocking fuel price rise in some cities over the past few days despite the OPEC glut and subsequent 20% reduction in oil prices is nothing more than profiteering from the pandemic. Around the world fuel prices are dropping to 17-year lows, yet in some parts of Australia, prices are rising. In Adelaide prices are …

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EzySt fuel saver app

EzySt fuel app offers riders discounts

A new free app called EzySt not only shows you where the cheapest fuel is near you, but also offers special discounts and can find the cheapest fuel on your planned ride route. Unlike existing fuel price apps and schemes, it is not based on crowd-sourced information, but real-time data from local fuel retailers and …

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Fuel economy service station helmet pulp ulp premium

Does premium fuel give bikes a boost?

Using a premium fuel with a higher octane than specified by the motorcycle manufacturer will not improve engine power or economy, RACQ technical officer Steve Spalding advises. He says the energy content of fuel is the same no matter what octane rating it has. “We see a lot of claims made about using premium fuels …

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BMW Adventure fuel tank

Do you really need a bigger fuel tank?

Some adventure bikes are big and heavy enough already, so adding a larger fuel tank seems an unnecessary addition of weight. Do you really need up to 500km of range when service stations are a maximum of about 250-300km apart even in the remote outback? It’s also extra weight right over the front wheel; just …

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Fuel service station helmet motorcycle tank ethanol Trump e15

President Trump E15 fuel pledge riles riders

President Donald Trump says his is “getting very close” to approving a waiver to allow 15% ethanol fuel blends (E15) to be sold year-round. The American Motorcyclist Association is furious. It says it is illegal to use fuel containing more than 10% ethanol in motorcycles and ATVs. They say ethanol can damage fuel systems and …

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fuel gauges MBW Motorbike Writer fuel scooter economy

How accurate are motorcycle fuel gauges?

Why are some fuel gauges and fuel-range indicators sometimes so inaccurate they leave riders stranded with an empty tank far from a service station? In fact, often the more hi-tech, sophisticated and expensive machinery can have the most fickle fuel gauges. Common errors The most common error is that the fuel gauge and/or range-to-empty indicator …

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Honda CX500 rust paint job

Rookie error: running out of fuel!

Before modern bikes introduced fuel warning lights, fuel gauges and precise computer readouts for fuel consumption and range to empty, running out of fuel was a common occurrence. The bike would momentarily lose power and you would reach down with your left hand and fiddle for the fuel tap to switch it to reserve, then …

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