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How accurate are motorcycle fuel gauges?

Why are some fuel gauges and fuel-range indicators sometimes so inaccurate they leave riders stranded with an empty tank far from a service station? In fact, often the more hi-tech, sophisticated and expensive machinery can have the most fickle fuel gauges. Common errors The most common error is that the fuel gauge and/or range-to-empty indicator …

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KTM burnt in fuel fire motorcycle tank

How to correctly fill your motorcycle tank

Are you overfilling your motorcycle tank, wasting money and putting your life in danger? Watch this video and check out these safety and money-saving tips. This video provides a graphic explanation for why you should never fill your bike while you are sitting on it. In this case, the rider on the KTM 200 Duke …

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MBW Motorbike Writer fuel scooter economy

Fuel tank and bowser errors

Have you ever put more fuel in your tank than the manufacturer says it will hold? Did it make you wonder if the bowser was inaccurate or the manufacturer’s specifications were too conservative? You could be right on both accounts. According to RACQ executive manager technical and safety policy, Steve Spalding, the stated capacity of …

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