EzySt fuel saver app

EzySt fuel app offers riders discounts

A new free app called EzySt not only shows you where the cheapest fuel is near you, but also offers special discounts and can find the cheapest fuel on your planned ride route. Unlike existing fuel price apps and schemes, it is not based on crowd-sourced information, but real-time data from local fuel retailers and …

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Fuel economy service station helmet pulp ulp premium

How to squeeze out more fuel economy

Most motorcyclists are not too concerned about fuel economy, but there may be times when you need to ride more economically just to make it to the next service station. A few years ago, we miscalculated fuel economy on a Harley-Davidson ride to the Iron Run rally in Queenstown, New Zealand. The low-fuel lights flashed …

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Petrol fuel service station Garry McCoy

Time to promote fuel economy benefits

Fuel prices have soared across the country, yet none of the motorcycle companies is advertising fuel economy or other advantages to riding, compared with cars or public transport. Surely with prices for fuel at near-record levels, motorcycles and scooters must be an attractive proposition for a lot of motorists. A modern 250cc motorcycle or scooter …

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Miserly guide to motorcycles

Miserly guide to buying a motorbike

Most riders buy a motorbike out of passion, but some pragmatic, miserly riders want something cheap to maintain for commuting purposes. However, even practical people looking for cheap commuting should be aware of the hidden costs of motorcycles. Yes, they are cheap on fuel, parking and tolls, but there are some major costs involved in …

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Sunshine Coast Black Dog Ride 1 Dayer defend agenda rural may

10 facts that defend motorcycles

How many times have you had to defend motorcycling when a non-rider has attacked them as dangerous, noisy and smelly? They tell you to grow up or suggest you catch a bus or take up cycling instead. You feel like thumping them, but instead you defend your pastime by offering to take them for a …

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Triumph Bonneville fuel economy rules service station fuel economy

5 ways to improve motorcycle fuel economy

One of the many reasons people choose a motorcycle for their daily commute is its inherent fuel economy. A modern 250cc motorcycle will get you around 2.8L/100km (85mpg), and there’s not a car on the planet that can match that kind of economy. So, why not try to maximise the fuel economy of your bike to …

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Yamaha Janus 125 with stop-start technology

Will stop-start tech come to bikes?

Would you buy a motorcycle or scooter with stop-start technology from cars to reduce fuel consumption and lower emissions? Like it or not, motorcycles are becoming more hi-tech as car technology filters through such as cruise control, ABS, traction control, active suspension and even blind-spot recognition. Next up could be stop-start technology which was introduced …

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Dirty fuel - ethanol fuel economy

Why do motorcycles have low fuel economy?

Why do most motorcycles have fuel economy no better than many light diesel and even petrol cars despite being a lot lighter and smaller? It’s a question that some riders are posing, while many others simply don’t care; they just twist the wrist and revel in the aural delights of burning fossil fuels! And that’s one …

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