Cops give late notice on invitation for Upright NOrth Operation

Late notice on police motorcycle operation

Sorry about the late notice on the Gold Coast Police Operation North Upright today, but it was only posted at 2.18pm yesterday, which is very short notice and we only just noticed it. The operation, which ends in about an hour(!) is described by police as a road safety campaign and riders “enjoying the hinterland area …

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States to blame for exhausts confusion

Riders are being fined for faulty or non-compliant exhausts because the states fail to consult on road rules and regulations, and police are conspiring to pervert the course of justice, says a long-time motorcycle campaigner. Wayne Carruthers was commenting on a recent article in which a Brisbane Barrister outlined the argument why exhaust fines would …

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Aftermarket exhaust peeves enemy resale

Aftermarket exhaust not illegal, Barrister

A Brisbane Barrister has reviewed the laws on aftermarket exhausts and determined that police and authorities do not have the expertise or objectivity to sustain a conviction for the alleged offence. Levente Jurth, who rides an Aprilia Tuono 1100, says he researched the matter because fellow riders have been fined by Queensland Police for having a …

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Helmet camera - road rules

Helmet camera offence stalls in court

While a fine for a tinted helmet visor has been withdrawn, another fine for a helmet camera continues to be dragged out in the courts. The helmet camera case against defendant Max Lichenbaum was adjourned in the Frankston Magistrates Court this month for a new hearing date of September 16, 2015, due to the courts …

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Tinted visor, helmet camera fines ‘wrong’

Police are issuing incorrect fines to riders with tinted visors or cameras fitted to their helmets says an online helmet campaigner. Rider Wayne Carruthers has started an online petition for sensible helmet standards and a website which explains the very complex and confusing state of helmet laws across Australia, the fines and demerit points you …

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