Braaap MotoE electric motorcycle federal

Braaap Wholesale faces import penalty

Small-capacity motorcycle wholesale business Braaap Wholesale has gone into liquidation and faces penalties over breaching import regulations. Braaap Wholesale is the wholesale arm of Braaap Motorcycles which is still operating. (UPDATE: The company was fined $25,000 on March 19.) Braaap founder and Braaap Wholesale director Brad Smith and general manager Toby Wilkins pleaded guilty in Launceston …

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helping riders seeking justice

MBW helping riders seeking justice

The three most popular articles this year have been about riders successfully obtaining justice either in beating incorrect fines or, in once case, getting a driver fined for road rage. In all cases we are happy to say that Motorbike Writer has played a role. Lane filter justice The most popular article was the end result …

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Loud Pipes exhausts mufflers blitz axe

Motorcycle exhaust blitz expected soon

Another Queensland Police and Transport and Main Roads (TMR) blitz on motorcycles is expected in the next couple of weeks, particularly concentrating on noisy exhausts. As part of Operation Grenadine on April 28/29, Queensland Police issued 16 vehicle defect notices and TMR officers issued six defect notices. TMR could not provide a breakdown of the …

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Average speed cameras

Are average speed cameras fairer?

Average speed or point-to-point cameras continue to increase their presence on our roads, but are they actually fairer than multiple speed cameras? Some of these cameras are front facing, so motorcyclists evade detection, but most are rear facing. The cameras are used in all states. However, in NSW (above photo near Inverell) they are only …

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Fixed speed camera Victoria - fines suspended virus plate scam

Victoria leads speed camera revenue

Victoria leads the nation in plundering motorists with speed camera fines, reaping $363.15 million last financial year which is more than a third of the national total of $1.1 billion. The figures for the 2016-17 financial year were quoted in a press release from Ford which suggests that Driver Assist Technologies (DATs) built into their …

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Mt Glorious pass overtake over solid white lines warning

Warning motorcyclists of police ahead

Many riders make an effort to warn other motorcyclists if they see a police presence, speed camera or radar unit, but is it legal and what is the best method of warning others? The main methods seem to be some sort of hand gesture, flashing the headlights, phoning or texting mates, posting on social media …

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Fixed speed camera Victoria - fines suspended virus plate scam

Fines reissued despite camera virus

Thousands of speed and red-light infringements recorded while 110 Victorian were infected by a software virus have now been reissued. The fines were withdrawn or suspended pending an investigation by Road Safety Camera Commissioner John Voyage. Despite Motorbike Writer only receiving confirmation on Thursday that the investigation had started, it now appears the preliminary investigation …

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Harley Rider Lance Wensley fined for parking between two cars flexible

Call for flexible motorcycle parking rules

Recent incidents involving motorcycle parking highlight the difficulties riders face in finding safe and legal parking in city areas and the need for law makers to be more flexible. Case 1 Gympie rider Lance Wensley (pictured above) was recently fined $48 for parking between two cars to avoid taking up a car space. He thought he …

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Call to double driver phone penalties roundabouts distracted

Call to double driver phone penalties

Penalties for drivers using handheld mobile phones should be doubled to six demerit points, according to the Motorcycle Council of NSW. The MCCNSW has released a mobile phones position statement which calls for a review of the penalties for drivers using mobile phones as well as an awareness campaign about distracted driving. It calls for …

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Painted motorcycle helmets

Are painted motorcycle helmets legal?

A lot of riders have painted motorcycle helmets with spray gun to express their individuality, but are they legal? Given the police propensity to fine over minor helmet issues and after a reader asked this very question, we thought it prudent to check the legality. We approached helmet law experts, helmet painters, and transport departments and …

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