Parking fine

Hefty parking fine for motorcycle ‘overhang’

Riders could cop a hefty parking fine if their motorcycle is parked with its wheels inside a parking bay, but the body of the bike, handlebars or luggage leaning over the line as in the above photo. A Sydney rider found out the hard way when he copped a $263 fine for parking his scooter on …

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Loose helmet strap Julian Collis

Rider loses helmet strap fine challenge

A Perth rider has failed in his challenge to a $550 fine for a loose helmet strap after he says he only loosened it with one hand to talk to two motorcycle police who pulled him over. Julian Collis says the judge sided with the officers despite proving in court he could undo his helmet …

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handlebars petition Burleigh Bars Paul Whittaker police

Handlebar height a ‘police witch-hunt’

Arbitrary handlebar height restrictions have created an excuse for police to conduct a witch-hunt to harass riders, says Zane Walton of Burleigh Bars Australia. The Gold Coast handlebar manufacturer has started an online petition to scrap the arbitrary limit of 380mm above the seat. Click here to read about the petition. Witch-hunt examples Zane …

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Loose helmet strap Julian Collis

Rider challenges loose helmet strap fine

A Perth rider who took off his gloves and loosened his chin strap to talk to police who pulled him over is challenging a fine he received for not having his chin strap done up securely. Julian Collis says he wrote a letter to police the same day – 30 May 2018 – advising he …

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Incorrect fine Tim Byrne justice

Police defend incorrect rider fine

Police have refused to withdraw an incorrect fine for a rider standing on the foot pegs, even though the “commonsense” practice was legalised in South Australia in 2016 and added to the Australian Road Rules this year. Click here to read about the new ARRs. Tim Byrne (pictured above) says he was riding his Triumph …

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double crash investigations justice conviction

No conviction on crashing into 2 riders

A woman who crashed into two motorcyclists in Melbourne 18 months ago has finally received a $1000 fine, one-month driving suspension and no conviction recorded. The investigating officer of Footscray Police says the penalty on the charge of failing to give way to all traffic at a give way sign was “pretty shit”. The crash …

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Brett Rossiter hitting charge - NSW police bond

Former cop on bond for biker attack

A former police who threw an object at a rider causing him to crash has been placed on a six-month good behaviour bond with no conviction recorded. The incident occurred when NSW Senior Constable Brett Rossiter (pictured above) was performing random breath tests in Narwee, Sydney, on November 6, 2015. When rider Paul Cook failed …

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Cop on Phone

Indian cop on phone slaps rider

For those who believe police think there is one rule for them and another for the rest of us comes this video from India of a police motorcycle officer on a mobile phone. When the officer is confronted by the rider videoing the incident, the police officer slaps him. The rider then rides off, concerned …

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ex-Cop faces hearing over throwing object at rider

Ex-cop faces jail over hitting rider

A NSW court has once again adjourned a hearing over the matter of a police officer throwing an object and hitting a motorcycle rider who then crashed. Video of the incident in November 2015 went viral but has now been deleted from YouTube. However, the incident is still available in this video from Channel 7. …

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Fixed speed camera Victoria - fines suspended virus plate scam

Speed camera fines suspended, not cancelled

Victorian Police have suspended, not cancelled, fines recorded by 110 fixed speed and red light cameras infected by “WannaCry” ransomware virus from June 6-23. UPDATE: A preliminary investigation has concluded and all fines have now been reinstated. Read the full report here. Acting Deputy Commissioner Ross Guenther said almost 600 fines had been “cancelled” and …

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