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How motorcyclists can vote this election

Which ever shade of politics revs you up, there is little on offer from the political parties specifically for motorcyclists in this federal election. MotorbikeWriter does not support any one politician or party, so we approached them all, asking for their motorcycle-specific policies as we have done in previous federal elections. This time we only …

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Cyclists in bike lanes ride to work day lane filtering bus lanes reward

Reward for two-wheeled commuting?

If cyclists have their way, the Federal Government should pay them a $5 daily reward for commuting to work and taking the strain off roads and public transport. The ridiculous suggestion comes in the lead-up to the Federal election from the Bicycle Network which claims to be Australia’s biggest bike riding organisation with more than …

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Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber

Which parties support motorcyclists?

As you go to the polls this weekend, you might wonder which parties and politicians do the most for riders. MotorbikeWriter does not support any one politician or party, so we approached them all, asking for their motorcycle-specific policies. We received several responses, but surprisingly nothing from Rose Tattoo frontman and prominent rider Angry Anderson …

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Liberal Democrats draft specific motorcycle policy

The Liberal Democrats are the only party with a motorcycle-specific policy, a whole page on their website devoted to motorcycles and a motorcycle policy statement on YouTube. Among their motorcycle policies are no front number pates, parking facilities, reduced tolls and taxes, use of bus lanes, motorcycle-friendly roads, lane filtering and deregistered rider training so it is cheaper. …

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AMEP candidate Judith Kuerschner with her partner's 2015 BMW 1200 GSA

Candidate says speed cameras ineffective

Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party candidate, motorcycle crash widow and passionate rider Judith Kuerschner says speed cameras are ineffective. “A speed camera is completely ineffective in stopping the fatality that may occur several minutes after a vehicle has sped past. It’s like smacking a dog on the nose for pooping on your lawn two weeks after …

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Greens view motorcycles as important

The Australia Greens believe motorcycles and scooters are an important part of creating a better transport mix that will ease congestion and reduce pollution. Motorbike Writer has been asking all the major and most minor parties to provide their motorcycle-specific or motorcycle-related policies in the 2016 Federal election. Australian Greens transport spokesperson Senator Janet Rice responded saying …

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Liberals cut red tape on older motorcycles imports

Liberal Party promises to cut motorcycle red tape

Liberal Party initiatives to cut red tape have resulted in axing several modifications to new motorcycle imports, including ugly long fenders. READ OUR STORY The Liberals also promise to remove identification plates on new bikes and make it easier for people to import new and used bikes. Motorbike Writer is asking all the major and many …

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Footpath parking threat bays plan centre strategy siege

Labor promotes motorcycle commuting and parking

Labor infrastructure spokesman Anthony Albanese has called on councils to consider improved parking ­options for motorcycles and scooters to ­encourage their uptake and ­reduce congestion. As Queensland and the Northern Territory today mark Labour Day, we can report that motorcycles seem to be on the agenda in the federal election on July 2, 2016. While …

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Paul Keyworth says riding should be part of the school curriculum

Riding lessons at school says candidate

Rider and driver education should be part of the national school curriculum and skilled motorists should be allowed to speed, says Online Direct Democracy Party Queensland Senate candidate Paul Keyworth. Paul was a long-time campaigner against the VLAD laws in Queensland and unsuccessfully tried to start the Motorcyclists Australia Party. How, he’s running for the …

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Australian Sex Party Senate candidate Meredith Doig

Sex Party candidate supports motorcycle riders

Consistent national road rules across state borders, scrapping anti-association laws, and introducing a motorcycle safety month are among the election initiatives of Australian Sex Party (ASXP) Senate candidate Dr Meredith Doig. Meredith is a long-time rider, former Secretary of the Federation of Australian Motorcyclists (FAM) and one of several motorcyclists contesting the coming election. The candidate …

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