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Motorcycle sales recovering

Motorcycle sales appear to be recovering after a very shaky start to the year with Harley-Davidson continuing to lead the road bike category. Sales were down 6.7% in the first quarter but, thanks to a slight recovery in the second quarter, they are now down 4.1% in the first half, according to the VFACTS report …

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Are independent bike mechanics protected? tools mechanic workshop

Are independent bike mechanics protected?

Independent motorcycle mechanics seem to be dying out at a rapid rate. Is it because motorcycle manufacturers are withholding servicing information or making it too expensive – some at up to $1900 a year for just one engine platform. A war of words has now broken out over whether manufacturers are withholding vital servicing information …

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Harley-Davidson Street Rod - wider choice

Hopes for wider LAMS model choice

Novice riders could soon have a wider choice of motorcycles such as the Street Rod (above) under the Learner-Approved Scheme (LAMS) if Harley-Davidson has its way. The company is planning to put a proposal to Australian governments through the Federal Chamber for Automotive Industries to axe the 660cc engine capacity limit. Instead, it would retain the 150kW …

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Riders warned after fake parts haul

Riders warned after fake parts haul

Half a million fake and counterfeit vehicle parts seized in a raid in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) last week may have been destined for Australia. The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries and Nationwide Research Group have consequently warned motorists to be on the lookout for fake parts. It follows an FCAI warning in 2014 …

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Import your own motorcycle from 2018 shipping direct

Import your own motorcycle from 2018

Riders will be able to import a new motorcycle or other vehicle from 2018 without having to deal with a dealer so long as the model is not already imported into Australia. The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) has warned that the Federal Government move will take out the “buyer beware” sentiment, leaving motorists exposed …

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ABS alcohol lock road safety safe

Is ABS as safe as officials believe?

Europe is mandating ABS on motorcycles and it is being considered in Australia but only now is a survey seeking to find out if ABS is safe in the real world. British road safety researcher Elaine Hardy is seeking riders around the globe who have been involved in a crash on a bike fitted with …

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Honda Forza scooter

Honda recalls Forza scooter over brakes

The Thai-made Honda NSS300 Forza Scooter has been recalled over a brake fluid leak issue. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission safety recall notice says that due to a manufacturing defect, one of the securing nuts on the rear brake hose flange may not be tightened to the correct specification. “If the bolt comes loose, brake fluid …

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mini motorcycle safety recall

Warning and recall issued on mini motorcycles

Mini or pocket motorcycles are fun and cute, but they are a potential danger and usually illegal to use anywhere except on private property. In most countries, these machines are categorised as novelty toys and are not regulated by the same conditions as other vehicles. In Australia, the importers are not members of the Federated …

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Harley Street 500 beginner

Harley dominates 2015 road bike sales

Harley-Davidson overtook Honda as the top-selling road bike company in Australia in 2015, thanks largely to strong sales of the new learner-approved Street 500, according to the latest Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries figures. Road bike sales were strong, increasing 2.6% compared with 2014 and accounting for 41.4% of the total market. Australians rode home …

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Heavy Duty Motorcycles hop ride day

Motorcycles vital to our economy

The next time someone says motorcycle riders are outcasts and not contributing to the economy, tell them to read this story. In fact, motorcycle riders are vital contributors to the economy, according to a new UK report and Australian industry figures. A UK Motorcycle Industry Association report has revealed some startling statistics to show the …

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