Theft posting

Take care posting about your motorcycle

Posting photos about your motorcycle could be inviting professional theft gangs to target you, warns RACQ safety technical officer and motorcycle rider Steve Spalding. His comments come as this British video seems to show that a group of six thieves knew exactly what they were about to steal from this locked garage. One possibility for …

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Facebook robotic electric motorcycle

Facebook patents robotic electric ‘motorcycle’

Facebook has applied for a patent for what they call a robotic self-balancing electric motorcycle, although it looks more like a mobility skateboard than a motorcycle. However, that doesn’t mean that the company won’t move into the motorcycle industry at some later stage. After all, most electric motorcycle companies are basically technology start-ups, not traditional …

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Kymco AK550 Dash distracted

Kymco scooter has ‘smart’ dashboard

Facebook updates, weather reports, news and even a radar that tracks your riding mates are part of the futuristic smart instrument panel on the new Kymco AK550 maxi scooter. But what, thee’s more on the “Noodoe” dashboard. It also greets you with your favourite photo, tracks missed calls and messages, directs you to the nearest …

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Karupt Customz Facebook photo

Police probe stunt-riding Facebook videos

Police are investigating two Gold Coast motorcycle businesses over amateur stunt videos posted on their Facebook sites, including one in which a rider wheelies through a school zone. Gold Coast Road Policing commander Snr Sgt Bradyn Murphy said the videos include riders doing burnouts, high-speed wheelies and other dangerous stunts on public roads. The Facebook …

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India travel with Jacob Laukaitis - surgery

India motorcycle trip with Facebook stranger

World motorcycle traveller Jacob Laukaitis has compiled the above video of a 850km motorbike trip across three states in India with a complete stranger he met on Facebook during a motorcycle trip in the Balkans. We featured another video by Jacob last year after he spent several months riding around Bali. The 22-year-old from Chins …

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Motorcycle song for pillions

UPDATED NOVEMBER 2014: There may be a host of rock songs about riding motorcycles, but not a lot from the point of view of a pillion since the Shangri-Las sang Leader of the Pack. However, I received an email from Russian pop/rock songstress Mashany about her song Like Your Bike. Click here to listen to …

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Tex and Bundy charity motorcycle riding couple

Moto Guzzi aids cancer & kids

Life just got even more adventurous for the world’s fastest dog. Tex O’Grady and his dog Bundy are well known in the motorcycling community for their charity work, while Bundy holds the world record for having done 283km/h at Eastern Creek. The charitable duo is now heading for more adventurous terrain after the John Sample …

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Is motorbike riding dangerous?

I’d like to introduce Georgia Melville (right in the photo); a beautiful young woman in body and spirit. I met her on the Compass Expeditions outback tour with Charley Boorman earlier this year. She works as a paramedic in Glenn Innes and has been having a great time discovering the region on her BMW GS …

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