Are big, ugly mufflers here to stay?

Tough new Euro 4 emissions laws are resulting in some very big and ugly motorcycle mufflers and it looks like the unfashionable trend may be here to stay. A host of new and updated motorcycles were revealed at the INTERMOT show in Cologne this week and several feature bigger and uglier mufflers. The worst offenders …

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Akropovic Open-Line exhaust system on a Harley-Davidson Road King

Akrapovic pipes to suit Harley-Davidson

Akrapovic is a name that is synonymous with sports bikes. But now the Slovenian exhaust manufacturer has revealed a series of Open-Line full exhaust systems for Harley-Davidsons at Daytona Bike Week. Motorcycle riders fit aftermarket exhausts for a variety of reasons: Sound, performance, weight and looks. Sometimes it’s for just one of those reasons, sometimes …

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chrome pipes

Cleaning your motorcycle’s chrome pipes

Despite repeatedly telling your pillion not to put their boots on your nice, clean, chrome pipes, do they listen? 
No! The resulting mark burns in and looks disgusting, spoiling your beautiful bike which you spent ages cleaning. And then there’s that errant plastic bag that is floating around on the highway. You try to dodge …

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Loud pipes trial chop

Challenging loud pipes theory

Do loud pipes really save lives? I’m sure someone will give me an example of how they reckon a loud motorcycle exhaust saved their lives, but I just don’t understand how. Let’s look at this very clinically. Supporters of this contention say that loud pipes alert motorists that there is a bike somewhere about. In …

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