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Crackdown grows on noisy bike exhausts

Several European countries are closing more and more roads to motorcycles because of noise while one German state proposes a crackdown, including rolling off the throttle in built-up areas and a complete ban on aftermarket exhausts. Baden-Wurttenberg state government’s noise protection office and local councillors also want tighter rules on adjusting the tune of factory-fitted …

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Exhaust pipe cleaner secret formula revealed Neil Stern

Exhaust pipe cleaner secret formula revealed

An American inventor who has been working on a “miracle” exhaust pipe cleaner for several years has revealed his secret formula on YouTube after it was “stolen” and marketed by a rival. Neil Stern contacted Motorbike Writer in 2015 after we published an article in which the World Patent Marketing issued a patent for his “Rid …

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Exhaust pipes bluing

Product claims to end exhaust bluing

High temperatures can make exhaust header pipes turn blue, but now a new product claims to stop exhaust bluing. World Patent Marketing has now announced that its patented Rid a Blue is a quick cleaning product which takes the bluing out of the pipe. Some riders like the bluing effect as they say it gives …

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