Quieter BMW Scrambler

Germany and BMW may get quieter

Germany is cracking down on noisy exhausts with special noise cameras, no-go areas and an 80dB limit on motorcycle exhausts that could make all BMW motorcycles quieter. The government is yet to vote on the proposals. If these measures are approved, it could have ramifications beyond its borders. Apart from other authorities copying the moves, …

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noise noisy exh plate machismo crackdown

Time running out for noisy exhausts

The end appears to be coming for noisy motorcycle exhausts as noise detection devices are being trialled in the UK and Paris while Australian authorities monitor the trials. Both the UK Department of Transport and French noise pollution agency Bruitparif are trialling devices that detect the noise, identify the culprit, take a photo and can …

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BMW 1250 boxer quieter

BMW R 1250 Boxer to be quieter

The upcoming 2019 BMW R 1250 Boxer models are expected to be quieter and more efficient to meet the tough Euro 5 regulations coming in 2020. BMW is expected to drop the noise levels from 92dB for the 1200s to 88dB for the 1250s. The Euro 5 noise requirements vary depending on power-to-weight ratios. According …

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Call to challenge exhaust noise fines sign

Police admit errors in exhaust noise sign

An information sign about motorcycle noise testing that has been posted at two Queensland police stations is incorrect. Queensland police have admitted there are errors in the sign, but say specialist officers have been fully trained in roadside noise testing and have been doing the tests since 2002. This follows recent blitzes in South East …

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