2 stroke CITS engine events fail flywheel

Aussie two-stroke engine invention

A Sydney engineering company has developed a new two-stroke engine that they believe could be used in motorcycles. It’s called Crankcase Independent Two-Stroke (CITS) and was invented by former South African motorsport engineer Basil van Rooyen, Director of CITS Engineering, St Ives. He says advantages over four-stroke are that the CITS engine is more powerful, …

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Motoinno TS3 with centre steering

Mad Max animator creates ‘safer’ steering

The man who animated the toxic storm scene in the new “Mad Max 4: Fury Road” movie has invented a revolutionary motorcycle hub-centre steering and suspension system claimed to make riding safer. Film animator and self-taught engineer Ray Van Steenwyk, 53, has been riding “on and off” since he was 16 and lives near the famed …

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Rider gear

Motorcycle rider armour ‘fishy’

Your next motorcycle jacket could be fitted with lightweight rider armour designed like fish scales. A team of Boston University engineering researchers believe fish, snake and even butterfly scales hold the key to creating strong and lightweight armour. While there is no talk yet of including the armour in motorcycle gear, it would be ideally …

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