131 Screamin' Eagle c rate motor

Harley unleashes 131 Screamin’ cubes

Harley-Davidson’s Screamin’ Eagles factory customs department has unleashed its biggest engine yet, the 131-cube (2147cc) crate motor. The Screamin’ Eagle Milwaukee Eight 131 Crate Engine features the same 114mm (4.5”) stroke as the 114 Milwaukee Eight, but has been bored out from 101mm (4”) to 109mm (4.31”). Harley claims it makes 90kW (121hp) of power …

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Camcon digital intelligent valve actuation engine

No-compromise electronic desmo valve engine

Imagine taking the Ducati desmodromic valve system and adding electronic control that provides brief bursts of two-stroke power! The result could be a motorcycle engine that delivers great low-down torque as well as high-end power, without compromise. British company Camcon Automotive has produced just such an engine. They claim their electronic Intelligent Valve Actuation (IVA) system …

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Electric flywheel for motorcycle engines

Motorcycle engine with electric flywheel

Imagine how fast acceleration would be and how much lighter a motorcycle would be without a heavy flywheel. That’s the idea of American inventor Randy Moore of RK Transportation who has developed a lightweight electric flywheel for four-stroke motorcycles. Instead of a normal heavy metal flywheel, the engine would have a lightweight rotor that is …

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2 stroke CITS engine events fail flywheel

Aussie 2-stroke invention may fail

A brilliant Australian-designed two-stroke engine that meets tough emissions requirements and eliminates total-loss lubrication may fail for a lack of investment. The Crankcase Independent Two-Stroke (CITS) was invented by former South African motorsport engineer Basil van Rooyen, Director of CITS Engineering, St Ives, who says it would be ideal for motorcycles. Tough pollution laws have …

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