Honda patent - Comeback for under-seat exhausts?

Comeback for under-seat exhausts?

Honda has filed a patent for a V4 sports bike with an under-seat exhaust similar to those popular a couple of decades ago, signalling a possible return of the fashion. Racing bikes began using under-seat exhausts in the 1970s for a number of reasons: to cut drag, improve balance, place the outlet in the bike’s …

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2017 Harley-Davidson Touring models get the 107 Milwaukee Eight engine Road King air-cooled

When will air-cooled Harleys end?

The ever-toughening emissions laws have many riders wondering when will air-cooled engines in brands such as Harley-Davidson come to a sad end. The good news, is it’s a long way off yet! That’s according to Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Product Portfolio director Peter Michael Keppler. Ironically, Peter was speaking to us at the launch of the liquid-cooled …

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Aftermarket exhaust peeves enemy resale illegal cat quieter

More fines coming for tuners, exhausts

After Harley-Davidson was fined a total of $US15m last week by US authorities for selling aftermarket tuners that affect emissions levels, we can expect more fines. It seems the US Justice Department and Environmental Protection Agency has simply targeted Harley first because it represents half of the US “heavy motorcycle” market and they want to …

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