Kosmos calls for help

Smart helmet calls for help after crash

Emergency call systems are coming to motorcycles and helmets with a French company the latest to release a helmet that calls for help if you crash. The Kosmos Smart Helmet has sensors which detect a crash and then uses your paired phone and a proprietary app to contact emergency services. However, just in case you’ve only …

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smart Racer gloves hold medical info

Smart motorcycle gloves hold medical info

Riders are well advised to keep their medical information on them in the unfortunate event of a crash. There are many ways to carry important medical information such as blood type, allergies, emergency contacts, etc. Medical info You can store them on a USB stick on your keyring, keep a card in your wallet, or …

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Road Closures for bushfires

Plan your weekend rides around bushfires

With bushfires forcing road closures across several states, you may need to make some alternative plans this weekend. Riders should contact their state transport department or auto club for road closures. You can also check the various state fire services websites by going to this central MYFIREWATCH service, then click on the state/territory. Road closures …

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Bushfire heat dehydration

Bushfires close northern NSW roads

The popular motorcycle routes of Summerland Way and the Gwydir Highway in northern NSW are closed due to bushfires. An 11km stretch of Summerland Way between Leeville and Whiporie and a 5km section of the Gwydir Highway from east of Jackadgery to Eatonsville are closed for back burning and tree clearing. The highway is also …

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Dehydration dust storm

Heat, dust storm and bushfire warning for riders

Heat, a dust storm and bushfires are expected over the next few days across much of the nation, making life difficult for riders. Temperatures are expected to reach the 40s across much of South Australia, Victoria, NSW and Queensland on Sunday and Monday, causing a return of bushfire conditions. Before heading off, riders should check …

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BMW Motorrad SOS alert button tracker message calls

Automatic emergency call technology for bikes

Motorcycles should be fitted with automatic crash call technology to reduce emergency response times which are more lethal in Australia’s rural and remote areas, an Austroads report has found. The Guide to Road Safety Part 5: Road Safety for Rural and Remote Areas also suggests compulsory first-aid training for learners and those renewing licences in rural and …

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Bushfire Crisis police emergency survival

Bike cops brave flames in bushfire crisis

Police have released dramatic footage today of brave bike cops leading evacuations during Queensland’s bushfire crisis this week. The footage shows the cops riding amid swirling embers surrounded by flames as they escort people from their homes on the Sunshine Coast. With hot and windy conditions returning in the next couple of days, more police …

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Cops police force enforce fines speed north upright

Police out in force, but not to enforce

Police will be out in force on Sunday (August 27, 2017) in South East Queensland to promote rider safety, not to enforce road rules or vehicle compliance, police say. It is part of Operation North Upright which has been operating in South East Queensland for the past couple of years. Spokesman Acting Senior Sergeant Graeme …

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Police lights emergency vehicles

Call for 40km/h past emergency vehicles

Emergency services workers are pushing for national approval of the new Victorian rule that vehicles must slow to 40km/h when passing parked or slow-moving emergency vehicles. This is despite the fact that one day after Victoria introduce the new rule a truck slammed into the rear of a small sedan that had slowed to 40km/h on …

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