Honda Goldwing with CarPlay distracted rider

Honda Goldwing emergency brakes tip

The next Honda Goldwing could have emergency brakes that sense a collision and slow the bike automatically. These automatic or emergency braking systems have been endorsed in all new cars made in Europe from 2020. The decision is based on a joint study by Euro NCAP and Australasian NCAP which concluded that automatic emergency brakes …

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Continental brake assist automated

Move to emergency motorcycle brake assist

German automotive technology company Continental AG plans to be the first with a motorcycle emergency brake-assist system that applies extra brake pressure when it senses a crash. Their system would not be automatic like in some cars that take over braking duties from the driver. Continental recognises that motorcycles are different to cars and say …

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ABS brakes autonomous

UN calls for safer motorcycle brakes

The United Nations #STOPTHECRASH campaign joins a growing call for ABS on motorcycles as well as autonomous emergency braking that activates at slow speeds if an obstacle is sensed in front of the bike. The latest World Health Organisation Global Status Report on Road Safety, called #STOPTHECRASH is campaigning for the widest availability of life-saving …

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BMW demonstrates ABS study mandatory combined

Will ABS & auto brakes become compulsory?

Pressure is mounting to add more and more so-called safety devices to motorcycles. India’s Ministry of Road Transport and Highways is planning to mandate anti-lock braking systems (ABS) on all motorcycles and scooters. Since it is such a big market and is now even exporting bikes overseas – the Harley-Davidson Street 500 is coming in …

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