BMW Concept Link electric scooter sharing hiring

BMW future in sharing electric scooters

BMW Motorrad predicts a future of sharing electric scooters in major cities if helmet issues can be resolved, while electric motorcycles are still a long way off. Two recent interviews with BMW executives have highlighted the Munich brand’s news of future two-wheel transport. While BMW is championing its electric car fleet, its electric two-wheeled offerings …

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BMW eRR electric sports bike emissions promise

Free rego promise for electric vehicles

The South Australian Labor Party has issued a promise to improve access to electric motorcycles by waiving vehicle registration and stamp duty on new electric vehicles for five years. Of course, the promise is reliant on the party retaining power at this year’s state election, although it should be noted that the party has been …

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Emflux ONE electric motorcycle electric motorbike

Change mindset on electric motorcycles

If riders want to adopt the coming era of electric motorcycles they will have to develop a totally different mindset to how they ride and refuel. Recent developments show electric motorcycles are coming … and coming fast! In fact, there is even an electric MotoGP series coming next year. Harley-Davidson recently announced it will have …

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Oliver van Bilsen living with an electric BMW C evolution scooter electric motorbike

The state of the electric motorbike in 2018

There was supposed to have been an electric motorbike revolution by now, with every second rider on a green machine. Instead, what we’ve seen is a trickling in of technology from around the world, along with a gradual uptake. What we’re going to do in this article is take a fresh look at these kinds …

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Rocsie wood E-motorbike

E-motorbike made of leather and wood

Hardly a week goes by without an email from some new company making an electric motorcycle, but this one caught our attention because it is made of leather, wood and metal. Like many of the electric motorcycles being produced, it’s an urban-based mahicne, not much bigger than a bicycle and weighing just 32kg. It’s made …

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PCX electric futuristic benefits - hydrogen hit TVS

Electric motorcycle sales to hit 55m

Electric motorcycle and scooter sales will hit 55 million worldwide by 2024, according to London technology consultancy Navigant. That represents a 60% increase in electric two-wheeler sales from last year’s total of 34.4m which is about a quarter of total global motorcycle and scooter sales of 132.4m. However, 32.8m or 95% of those electric bike …

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Honda hydrogen hybrid electric

Honda working on hydrogen fuel-cell bike

Honda plans to introduce an electric cub scooter and hybrid scooters next year but it also working on hydrogen fuel-cell motorcycles. Patent plans show the fuel-cell motorcycle with a perimeter frame, telescopic forks, shaft drive and a fuel cell under the seat. Honda is working on the fuel-cell bike in collaboration with Toyota and Nissan. …

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Energica EsseEsse9 electric motorcycle benefits

Benefits of an electric motorcycle

Electric motorcycles are coming sooner than we think and the benefits could outweigh the drawbacks such as high purchase price, charging time and battery range. Several specialist electric motorcycle companies and several traditional motorcycle manufacturers have electric bikes or scooters in the market or concepts waiting in the wings to hit the showroom. Purchase prices …

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