LSA Autonomy Nightmare runs on all fuels

Future motorcycles may run on all fuels

Future motorcycles could run on all types of fuels, including electricity, after US government defence contracts have yielded two prototype hybrid motorcycles. The bikes are the Logos Silent Hawk and LSA Autonomy Nightmare whose engines can run on either spark or compression ignition, which means they can be fuelled by petrol, jet fuel, propane, diesel …

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Xkuty solar scooter

Solar scooter runs on phone apps

This Spanish-made solar scooter docks in a solar charging station and switches on and off via an iPhone app that also controls navigation and a speed limiter. It’s called the Xkuty – quaint, ain’t it? – has a fast charger under the seat that can charge the scooter in three hours for a 100km range. It also comes as …

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Zero DSR electric motorcycle

Zero adds 2 models and super charger

Electric bikes have received a jolt from Zero Motorcycles with the addition of two new models and an optional Super Charger that will charge the bike in under an hour. The compact 8kW Super Charger ($US2499) was developed by DigiNow and eMotorWerks to fit in the “tank” area of the new or previous model Zero S …

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Nairobi solar powered motorbike taxisNairobi solar powered motorbike taxis

Solar power coming to motorcycles

Electric motorcycles charged from mains power are starting to make inroads into mainstream production, but an African university is already ahead of the pack with solar power. Three students from the University of Nairobi have built a system they call Ecotran, which captures the sun’s energy, stores it in batteries, and uses it to charge …

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Indian Chief Dark Horse

Indian Motorcycles get hi-tech screens

Classic-styled Indian Motorcycles could soon have car-style LCD infotainment screens instead of traditional grandfather-clock-styled dials. Steve Menneto, vice president of motorcycles for Polaris Industries, Indian’s parent company, told an American business conference this week that the classic bikes could be going more futuristic with the infotainment screens.   How they manage to integrate the design …

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Yamaha PES1 electric motorcycles product standardise

Yamaha electric motorcycles a long way off

Yamaha has committed to producing two electric motorcycles next year, but Australians will have to wait for some time longer. The Japanese manufacturer unveiled six electric motorcycle concepts at the Tokyo Motor Show late last year, but recently committed to producing only the PES1 (Passion Electric Street) road bike and PED1 (Passion Electric Dirt). Yamaha Motor …

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Zero electric motorcycle prices

Zero electric motorcycles coming

Electric motorcycles have just taken a step closer to reality in Australia with a new importer for Californian Zero electric motorcycles. While BMW will not import its C-Evolution electric scooter because they don’t believe it’s a good fit for the country, the Australia importers of MV Agusta have just been appointed as the national distributor …

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